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Mining Specific Programs

  • Leadership development programs at all levels from front line supervisors to executives
  • Vital skills development programs including project management, lean operations, risk management

Customized Programs

Programs design to meet specific organizational needs

Deeply Experienced Team

All Schulich ExecEd facilitators and consultants have extensive global mining experience


All programs can be delivered in any country and in any location including at the mine or completely online.

Multilingual Program Delivery

All programs can be delivered in an extensive range of languages including English, French and Spanish

Mining Industry Thought Leaders

The Schulich ExecEd Mining Academy is founded and informed by original research into the mining industry

Events and Forums

Schulich ExecEd can deliver or partner to deliver conferences, leadership forums, round tables, and industry events.

Consultation and Partnership

Schulich ExecEd can provide valuable consultation services and also can develop partnerships to achieve specific business results.


Front Line Mining Leadership

The key objective of this program is to increase the management maturity level of front-line managers by standardizing the application of an organization’s existing processes and management tools, and by introducing global best practices in mining management.

Mini-MBA for the Mining Industry

Featuring a specific focus on the mining industry, the Mini-MBA provides essential and current knowledge in the top MBA subjects – from operations to finance in a practical time frame.

Integrated Project Management in Mining

Introducing the essentials of project management in a mining specific context.

The Data Driven Mine: Data Analytics in the Mining Industry

A comprehensive introduction on how to increase production, recovery and efficiency through data-driven business insights.

Talent Management: Building a Talent Pipeline in the Mining Industry

Solve talent pipeline challenges by helping early-in-career employees build a successful career path.


Custom Program Sample Projects

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Front Line
Mining Supervisors
Program[/col][col span=”1″ of “2”][/col][/row]
[row][col span=”1″ of “2”]Senior Leaders Development Program[/col][col span=”1″ of “2”][/col][/row]
[row][col span=”1″ of “2”]Management Development Program[/col][col span=”1″ of “2”]
[row][col span=”1″ of “2”]High Potential Leadership Development Program[/col][col span=”1″ of “2”][/col][/row]
[row][col span=”1″ of “2”]Leadership Forum + Action Learning Projects [/col][col span=”1″ of “2”]

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