Markus Giesler

Business Analysis, Marketing

Markus Giesler is a consumer researcher and Professor of Marketing at the Schulich School of Business (York University, land acknowledgement). His research examines how markets dynamically shape human behaviour, often in the context of new technologies.

His work has been published in top-tier academic journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Marketing and received extensive coverage in media outlets such as The New York Times, Wired, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Time Magazine.

He is also an Editor at the Journal of Consumer Research (2021-2024), ERB member at the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Consumption, Markets and Culture, and Marketing Letters, and previously Associate Editor at the Journal of Marketing and Area Editor at the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Giesler has been named an MSI Scholar by the Marketing Science Institute, “one of the best recognized experts studying high-technology consumer behavior” by Wired, and a “40 under 40” professor by Poets & Quants.

At Schulich, he teaches marketing topics including a popular MBA program called Customer Experience Design. He works with companies on practical research and engages in executive training and advisory. He has been a visiting scholar at the Kellogg School and at Stockholm University.

For more information on Markus Giesler, please visit his website here.

Markus Giesler