Fundamental Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Front-Line Managers

Being an effective supervisor or front-line manager means understanding your employees and what drives their motivation and productivity—but that’s easier said than done.

Join Schulich ExecEd’d Fundamental Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Front-Line Managers program and receive practical tools and training to coach and motivate staff with a hands-on approach, effectively managing conflicts and becoming an outstanding leader. With a convenient 3-day online format, you can tackle any challenge on the fly.

The first 50 applicants may be eligible to have their full tuition waived if they enrol by December 1, 2023.

Fundamental Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Front-Line Managers

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Fees: $3,250 CAD; Tuition may be waived for the first 50 applicants until December 1, 2023
Length: 3 days of study
Format: Online
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Fundamental Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Front-Line Managers

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Inspire Your Team With Active Leadership

Unlike other leadership roles, supervisors and front-line managers work right alongside their teams to guide and direct them in a timely manner.

Our specialized leadership training program equips supervisors and front-line managers with a set of applied leadership skills to tackle everyday tasks and challenges. Improve your team’s productivity and boost morale with new coaching methods. Learn effective delegation and communication techniques to provide constructive, ethical feedback.

From training new employees to coaching existing ones, you’ll discover new ways to motivate teams and improve performance. You’ll discuss issues, practice new skills and participate in realistic team simulations so you can apply them directly to your role.

As part of our ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and our commitment to developing international leaders with high-quality thought leadership content, the first 50 applicants may be eligible to have their tuition waived. To be eligible, applicants need to have completed their applications by December 1, 2023.


Get Training in Marketable Skills

Communication Skills
Time Management
Leadership Skills
Strategic Thinking
Relationship Building
Organizational Skills

What You Get

After completing Fundamental Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Front-Line Managers, you'll receive an authentic digital badge from the #1 business school in Canada that employers will recognize.

Foundational Badge

Signifies that you’ve gained information and insight into new skills.

Program Overview

  • Explore the transition from “doing” to supervising and the responsibilities this change entails. Learn time management strategies and set goals as a role model and supervisor.

  • Discover your leadership style and what it takes to build successful teams. Practice motivational techniques even in the absence of monetary rewards, and improve morale in your team.

  • Recognize the barriers to communication by understanding the value of active listening and coaching. Set realistic standards for your staff and delegate accordingly to achieve higher productivity.

Who Will Benefit

Aspiring Leaders

Prepare for your next team leadership role with a hands-on program that offers specialized skill sets in front-line management. This program is ideal for departments like business, government, business administration, plant and production, human resources, organizational training and industrial relations.

Front-Line Managers

Current floor supervisors, office manager front-line managers and on-the-ground team leaders will develop new tools and techniques to boost staff productivity and advance their careers.

4 Reasons to Enrol

Amazing Education for Busy Professionals

This intensive 3-day program offers aspiring and mid-career leaders the chance to ground themselves in strong leadership strategies without a big time commitment.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Develop leadership skills unique to front-line supervisors and tackle everyday challenges with ease.

Learn from the Pros

Train with top-rated Schulich ExecEd instructors who are consistently ranked among the world’s best.

Earn Higher Pay

Schulich ExecEd students gain the confidence, skills and perspective to attain better roles, launch new ventures, and lead their teams to new heights.

What Difference Will You Make?

"Eye-opening - will put more focus on the type of leader I am and how I affect others in the organization."

- D. Vanderheyden Logistics Manager, Tirecraft Ontario Inc.

"This program truly inspired me, and also adequately prepared me to be a more effective leader. With the wealth of information provided, I was impressed by how well it was prepared and presented in the time available."

- R. Halko Supervisor GIS, Powerstream Inc.

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The next step of your career matters. Apply today. The first 50 applicants may be eligible to receive a full tuition waiver if you apply by December 1, 2023.

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