As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic weigh more heavily on people, the toll on their emotional well being – even those who are not affected by the virus – has been highlighted as a real concern.

In response, the Schulich ExecEd will present a free online Virtual Classroom session, delivered by Schulich ExecEd facilitator Stephen Friedman, a specialist in organizational behaviour, titled Managing Fear with EQ Tools. This half-hour program allows you to experience Schulich ExecEd executive learning in our Virtual Classroom setting.

The session will be held on May 7 at 1pm and is limited to 25 participants due to the interaction involved. To register, contact

Emotional Management is known to help us with self regulation (e.g. not freaking out too much) and with managing relationships with others (which we arguably need now more than ever!).

The current pandemic has brought with it a host of emotions, much uncertainty and for many, fear. While fear is normal is a situation like this (obviously), fear reactions can impact our behaviour and our interactions with others in unexpected ways.

These fear reactions can be helpful (“I’m afraid for my ability to work so I’m gonna take initiative and make things happen!”)…. Or these fear reactions can be less helpful (“I’m scared, lost and feel no hope or energy”).

In this Schulich ExecEd Virtual Classroom session, we will look at a few specific, actionable ways to use the key components of Emotional Management to manage our fear reactions a bit better in these crazy times.

We will be using the ZOOM webinar platform for this this virtual experience, and will tap into all that this this format has to offer – human connection, actionable learning, polls, breakout discussions, etc.

Once registered, participants will receive secure log-in information on how to join the Virtual Classroom online.

About the facilitator

Stephen Friedman photoStephen Friedman is an executive coach, career coach, facilitator and trainer, working in the areas of management interpersonal skills, group development, strategic thinking skills and HR for numerous organizations and individuals. His experience with in this area spans over 20 years. He specializes in teaching professionals about various aspects of interpersonal communication, leadership development, Human Resource Management and group development in the workplace as well as career enhancement and development.
Stephen has been on the Faculty at the Schulich School of Business at York University since 2000, where he teaches Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management and Strategic Leadership at both the BBA and MBA levels. He also teaches custom seminars in group development and leadership/management skills for Schulich’s Executive Education Centre. He holds an MA and an Honours BA in psychology.