Career training for newer employees brings benefits for employers too

Posted on June 03, 2019
Career training for newer employees brings benefits for employers too

Engaged employees create significantly more value for organizations than those who are not.

Recent studies by human resource organizations show that up to half of early-in-career employees – those with less than five years’ experience in the workforce – were ready to change jobs for better opportunities, both in pay and career fulfilment, within the first year.

It is increasingly clear that employers have a significant role to play in empowering the success of their employees with the right kind of training. Helping this group of employees develop their skills not only makes them become better at what they do but also more likely to stay with a company.

Each organization has its unique needs and customized career development plans help employees learn to think strategically about their career paths and how to meet their career goals within the organization rather than leaving to move ahead. Soft skills training – interpersonal skills, cultural diversity training and communications strategies, to name just a few, make them more effective in their work and more aware of their organization’s culture.

To help meet this growing need in the workforce, the Schulich ExecEd’s Custom Program Development team created the Career Empowerment Program to help organization leaders and HR professionals ensure that each early-in-career employee is empowered to succeed and has a clear and measurable growth development roadmap.

The Schulich ExecEd Career Empowerment Program involves four steps:

Career Empowerment Workshop: A practical, hands-on group experience introduces early-in-career employees to vital career strategies that they can apply on the job right away.

Career Strengths Profile: Each employee starts their unique development journey by completing a diagnostic career assessment to explore his or her potential and to strengthen self-awareness, a vital platform for real growth. This process will also reveal what roles and focus areas the employee is best suited for, as well as what roles will likely inspire and engage them the most.

Individualized Career Development Plan: Each employee is paired with a coach and is supported to create an individualized career development plan. This involves identifying specific actions, experiences, networks, mentors, and development opportunities that will accelerate their growth trajectory and increase the value they create, through numerous angles including business best practices, well-rounded skillsets, interpersonal effectiveness, company loyalty and results-focus.

Plan implementation: Employees work with coaches to fine tune and manage the implementation of their customized development plan.

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Program facilitators Nicole Tupechka and Trevor Cape are experienced workshop leaders with a track record of success at helping some of Canada’s top companies train and retain their early-in-career employees. Trevor is one of Canada’s leading career coaches and has helped thousands of clients at all ages and stages thrive. His career strategy workshops include topics such as career navigation, presentation skills, communications, networking, interviewing, marketing, team building, personal branding.

Nicole is an engaging and dynamic workshop leader and coach with a strong track record of empowering people to understand and realize their potential. She has lead meditations and self-empowerment workshops all over the world to help clients optimize their business and personal performance. Nicole is an advocate for inclusive spaces and leverages her experience as a Life Skills Worker, assisting individuals with physical and mental disabilities, to optimize learning opportunities for all.


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