Data Analytics is an essential management tool, not just a task for technical experts

Posted on September 23, 2021

Strategic planning in the digital age has made Data Analytics a must-have skill for leaders who want to keep their organization competitive. But as soon as the subject comes up, many are reluctant to delve into what they see as a “dark art” best left to the experts.

Why do executives balk at making themselves more adept at using this essential tool? Most would say because it’s technical and it takes too much time to become fluent in data-speak. They are focused on the big picture, so the urge is to delegate the task to a technical expert, depriving themselves of important background knowledge on what data is and where it comes from.

While collecting the vast sums of data gathered by today’s digital technology is a technical process, interpreting the trends revealed by the stream of information is a management process. Looking at the key conclusions in data reports and knowing how to adapt quickly to change is a core management responsibility. Understanding how the data was gathered and what it reveals about your organization helps make the task of interpreting it all the easier.

Whether you’re looking to implement a data analytics program from scratch, take your use of data to the next level, or simply increase your fluency in the domain, the Masters Certificate in Analytics for Leaders is the program for you.

This nine-day program for non-data specialists, is delivered in seven modules over three months and has been designed to quickly round out your knowledge of all the technical, managerial and organizational dimensions required to successfully and sustainably generate insights from data and translate them into action. This cutting-edge data analytics content is structured in convenient standalone modules can be taken by managers from any sector or functional area.

  • Quickly learn about the complete range of knowledge and skills required to practise analytics sustainably and the management competencies required to oversee it
  • Gain hands-on exposure to working with both basic and advanced concepts in data science
  • Recognize opportunities to enhance decision making, performance and profitability
  • Gain fluency in big data analytics to improve your ability to ask the right questions and gain the right answers

Participants Profile

This program has been designed for executives and professionals with diverse needs from any sector or functional area, including managers who:

  • Want to learn about data analytics tools and techniques and leverage insights from big data to allow their organization to make better business decisions
  • Are tasked with implementing, enhancing or expanding the role of analytics in their organization
  • Currently work on analytics projects or are involved with a data team, and want to increase their fluency in the domain and their command of its tools and techniques


The Masters Certificate in Analytics for Leaders starts Oct. 4, 2021. For more information and to register, visit the program web page today.