Discover how to think and act strategically in the public sector

Posted on September 06, 2018
Discover how to think and act strategically in the public sector

Among the most popular and highly-regarded programs at the Schulich ExecEd are those designed for professionals in public-sector organizations. Drawing on the experience and expertise of veteran public-sector managers and with the advice of advisers still working in government, these programs offer leading-edge approaches to the practical challenges of serving the public in disruptive and fiscally difficult times.

The Strategic Public Manager is Schulich ExecEd’s five-day program for busy leaders and managers who oversee public sector programs and services and want to add to their complete set of strategic leadership competencies.

The state-of-the-art program design is ideal for federal, provincial and municipal managers – and those from the broader public sector – and will allow them to improve organizational performance, engage staff and advance new innovations in the workplace.

The program focuses on management competencies in seven practical areas of advantage. Participants will better understand how public-sector context and issues contribute to good governance, apply workable strategies to improve public service design and delivery, and learn to take advantage of leadership roles and relationships to leverage capacity and change.

Among the themes of the learning is the difference between – and the processes involved in – thinking strategically and acting strategically and harnessing the energy in the mindset of engagement for a culture of maximum effectiveness. By learning about “self-leadership” values and techniques for enacting and communicating them at all levels of the organization, participants will be able to manage their organization and people for best results.

Other lessons from The Strategic Public Manager

  • What works well in public sector reform
  • How strategic managers champion innovation and get results
  • How the complex challenges of public management reflect Canada’s diversity
  • Managing change – why ‘where you stand depends upon where you sit’
  • What good governance means to delivering citizen-centred service
  • How to cultivate political acuity and business acumen
  • How to engage employees through teamwork initiatives
  • Leadership techniques – How authentic leaders ‘walk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’, everywhere they go
  • How to create a strategic leadership action plan
  • Stewardship and ethical governance to add to your leadership edge

For more details and registration information on The Strategic Public Manager, visit the program website.