First participants rave about new program for women leaders

Posted on December 05, 2017
First participants rave about new program for women leaders

The reviews are in and the first Schulich ExecEd program designed specifically for women leaders is a big hit.

The program, titled Practical Strategies for Successful Women Leaders, welcomed its first participants in October and earned uniformly positive comments at the end of the three days at the Executive Learning Centre.

“The program exceeded my expectations,” said one participant in the post-program survey. “I have learned so much about myself and women in leadership. I will 100 per cent be recommending this program to colleagues and friends.”

“I truly enjoyed the learning and feel this program will better prepare the younger female generations,” said another participant. “We need to help make that cultural shift in society and this program can provide the know-how.”

Led by Schulich ExecEd program directors Linda Irvine and Hamida Bhimani, Practical Strategies for Women Leaders provided an overview of the current trends in leadership in general, and a history of women in leadership in particular. Other sessions looked at identifying temperament and personal preferences in leadership style, assessing strengths and weaknesses and forming effective strategies to improve personal performance as a leader.

successful women leaders
Schulich ExecEd program directors Linda Irvine and Hamida Bhimani talk about Practical Strategies for Successful Women Leaders

The third day featured a memorable panel discussion with four women leaders that earned praise from all participants as an inspiring way to end the program. “The speakers were just ‘wow’, said one participant, “…amazing insight, not traditional learning…amazing.”

Other comments about the program included mention of the “great tools provided for framing and moving forward” and the expertise and the preparation done instructors for the program. “It is obvious that the research needed for this program was very well done,” said one participant. “I plan on telling my colleagues that it was worth every cent.”

But perhaps the most telling reaction to Schulich ExecEd’s first program in the specific issues women face in becoming successful leaders came from participants who said it deeply moved and inspired them. “I feel equal to others,” said one participant. Another remarked on the “realization that I am not alone with my self-doubt.” These insights came from the program’s emphasis on not just content delivery, but interaction among participants. “It was illuminating to discover that we as women leaders are not alone,” said one member of the class.

Overall, participants in the program said support from the instructors and fellow leaders inspired them to continue exploring their potential and develop strategies to overcome obstacles. “I felt amazing during the three days we had,” said one participant. “I have become more confident in changing my current job. This program gave me courage and helped me with my vision for the future”.

One commentator said the program “opened my eyes to biases I didn’t know existed”, while another said it left her feeling “empowered to go back to my team of females with renewed energy and focus.”

Practical Strategies for Women Leaders is scheduled to run again in April 2018. For more information on program details and registration, as well as a video interview with instructors Linda Irvine and Hamida Bhimani, visit the website.