Harnessing Analytics and AI to Drive Success for Organizations

Posted on July 07, 2020
Harnessing Analytics and AI to Drive Success for Organizations

The Masters Certificate in Analytics for Leaders is a newly reconfigured Schulich ExecEd program that enables executives and professionals to learn data analytics tools and techniques in order to make better, more profitable business decisions.

It includes both the technical aspects of AI analytics and the special managerial skills necessary to work with the technology – both essential dimensions for digital success in businesses across all sectors and industries.

Working with analytics and AI projects requires specialized insight, knowledge and methods. Any professional looking to implement a data analytics program from scratch, take their use of data to the next level or simply increase their fluency in the domain, will find this program essential. Industry leaders Software and Solutions (SAS) and Deloitte both participate with Schulich ExecEd in the delivery of the program.

Participants can register in the complete program or take the modules individually over time. Together they quickly round out knowledge of all the technical, managerial and organizational dimensions required to successfully and sustainably generate insights from data and translate them into action:

  1. Introduction to Analytics is an exploration of the underlying principles of AI as it applies to the business environment. It covers the use of data to make sound decisions and using variables and relationships to understand business problems.
  2. Analytics & Leadership allows participants to learn, practice and perfect the softer leadership skills which have proven critical for successfully engaging with human factors when implementing analytics-based projects.
  3. Business Insights with Data uses analytics to find the “moneyball” instances within an organization by asking the right data questions, using data visualization, and revealing patterns and trends.
  4. Managing Data explains the fundamentals of an analytics infrastructure: what’s required to store, access, manipulate and manage data from technical, regulatory, privacy and cybersecurity perspectives.
  5. Data Science in Action envisions the practical predictive analytics applications most suited to your organization now, and explores the additional possibilities afforded by data science technologies.
  6. Digital Transformation provides participants with strategies and techniques that enable digital transformation to gain and maintain traction in their organization, including using entrepreneurial and design thinking in the age of Big Data.

Finally, the Capstone Project is a recently added feature of the program. Participants will present in groups on a case which challenges them to think about artificial intelligence in the context of large enterprises, and how to develop a scalable business to serve the AI needs of these firms.

In September, the program will be delivered online in the virtual classroom, using the secure ZOOM video-conferencing platform. This format offers many engaging features: multi-modal presentation of material, rich activities, and interactive exchanges in live meetings and breakout discussions with instructors and fellow students.

In as little as 14 days over three months, participants will leave the program with a comprehensive working knowledge of the subject, allowing them to cultivate an analytics mindset and successfully apply analytics to inform and support organizational objectives and strategy.

The next online session starts Sept. 24. For more information, visit the program website.