Healthcare managers need a complete set of new skills to lead change

Posted on September 04, 2019
Healthcare managers need a complete set of new skills to lead change

Some wit once said your reward for being good at what you do is to earn a promotion that prevents you from doing it any more.

Although experience in your field is still important, the sentiment reveals the truth about a key change that takes place when people move into a management role. Your job becomes managing others to do what you used to do – an entirely new skill in its own right.

In healthcare management, there is the added challenge of having to learn skills from entirely different areas as the health system responds to disruptive change and adapts by incorporating business practices from finance, manufacturing, services and technology. Providing top-quality healthcare now demands a variety of skills to foster the innovation needed to do more with fewer resources.

For example, today’s healthcare leaders need to develop their ability to analyze new ways of doing things through innovation, managing projects that implement the necessary changes and leading groups of people closest to the work. Right away, we can see that a modern healthcare manager must be able to think creatively, organize efficiently and persuade people that change is both necessary and good. Those who succeeded by being good practitioners now need to become tech and IT savvy project managers conversant with financial concepts and inspiring, effective leaders and communication professionals.

Each module of Schulich ExecEd’s 14-day program for healthcare leaders shows how you can adopt best practices from different fields to make health care delivery more effective by improving outcomes instead of output.

The topics covered are varied but specially chosen to develop more versatile and capable leaders:

  • System Integration in Healthcare – The Ontario Experience
  • Excelling with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Thinking Skills for a Turbulent World: The Art of Framing and Reframing
  • Practical Project Management
  • Successful Communication
  • Resolving Conflicts – Your Own and Others’
  • Leading Change in Healthcare
  • Innovative and Creative Thinking
  • Collaboration in Cross-Functional Teams
  • The Power of Appreciative Leadership
  • Information Technology
  • Lean – A prescription for Healthcare
  • Financing and Implementing Your Strategy
  • Authentic Leadership

The program has been designed for:

  • Professionals in leadership positions in private or public healthcare, including hospitals, CCACs, LHINs, long-term care facilities, etc.
  • Individuals seeking to increase their leadership capacity and influence within the system
  • Managers, directors, physicians, researcher’s administrators, team leaders, and other senior officials in healthcare organizations
  • Any individual seeking to consolidate and certify their leadership and management skills in preparation for career advancement


For more information on Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Healthcare Leadership (starting Feb. 28, 2020) visit the program website or contact our Customer Care Team.