How to Hold the Balance of Power at Work

Posted on October 02, 2018
How to Hold the Balance of Power at Work

Exercising power in a work environment can be a complicated matter and those who hold authority will always have their own leadership styles.

When it comes to getting solid work performance out of a team, it is useful to know which type of power you are best suited to and from which power base one should approach different situations.

Generally, there are two categories of power: positional (granted by a higher authority) and personal (defined by others). The former is when one uses their power to grant rewards and punishments, thereby getting workers’ deference; the latter comes from a person’s natural gifts for engaging others on an emotional level, gaining trust and respect.

Click the image below to download the PDF of a chart that explains the different types of power. These definitions can be a valuable tool when approaching situations which may require you to exercise power, especially if you are promoted and find yourself suddenly with expanded authority in your job description.

This material has been drawn in part from Schulich ExecEd’s upcoming program Management 2: The Advanced Managers Course (Nov. 12-16, 2018). One of the most comprehensive personal training opportunities available for experienced managers, the program has been designed to take your management and leadership skills to the next level.