Leaders Can Improve the Learning Culture in Organizations

Posted on January 27, 2020
Leaders Can Improve the Learning Culture in Organizations

Organizational workplaces thrive when continuous learning is imbedded in the corporate culture.

Any organization benefits when its people have up-to-date knowledge and value the principles of professional and personal growth. Making executive education programs, workshops and seminars available to employees is good for worker engagement and business as a whole.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not prioritize professional development. Likewise, sometimes employees are not inspired to take programs their employer has made available. In these situations, organizations need to work at improving the learning culture within.

For many people, “education” resonates with the traditional school environment and the formal classroom structure they experienced into their early adulthood. But people learn in different ways and in different settings. Executive education uses adult-oriented principles of the student-centred curriculum and experiential learning.

Senior leaders can set an example for employees by taking advantage of such learning opportunities themselves and talking about their experiences with fellow executives and managers. Some can be appointed as “learning ambassadors” to promote professional development within their departments. Programs can be in person, online, or a blending of both.

A productive workplace needs engaged and confident employees, and professional development is a way to achieve this at all levels. Leaders must introduce and encourage continuous learning, such as executive education programs, while emphasizing the return on investment both personally and professionally. Through these opportunities workers can prepare themselves for the complexity of today’s workplace and the challenges of the future.