Looking to boost your career? A flexible, affordable mini-MBA can be just the ticket.

Posted on November 20, 2018
Looking to boost your career? A flexible, affordable mini-MBA can be just the ticket.

Looking to move ahead?

Even with a proven track record at your company, it can be hard to stand out. Or maybe you already got that long sought-after promotion only to find the expanded role daunting. This calls for flexible, relevant, on-demand learning. A mini-MBA is the answer!

Whether you are a corporate executive, manager or an independent business owner, today’s fast-changing business climate needs people who can respond to the unpredictable, think on their feet, and confront changes in technology and the workplace. Consumed with the daily demands of your job, it is easy to fall behind when it comes to current knowledge and key skills required to succeed. Companies know that even the best workers will need up-to-date training, although a full-time degree program is often impractical. This is why the mini-MBA has become one of the most popular executive education programs on the market.

Narrowly focused, specialized knowledge is no longer enough — companies want workers who can see the big picture. A mini-MBA will teach relevant and practical tips and tools, while still presenting an overview of the fundamental business concepts of strategy, marketing, finance and operations.

Like a regular program, the condensed format requires both independent study and problem solving in a group setting, vital skills in today’s collaborative work environment. In a Mini-MBA program you will get information and strategies that can be put to immediate use.

Whether you are looking to be more competitive in the job marketplace or increase your effectiveness in a current position, a mini-MBA is a practical and time-efficient way to improve your career prospects.


For more information on condensed MBA learning options, see Schulich ExecEd’s upcoming program Schulich Mini-MBA (starting Jan. 31, 2019). The program is designed to help managers and busy executives gain up-to-date knowledge and insights into a variety of business topics.