Meet Max Abramson – Account Executive

Posted on May 17, 2023
Meet Max Abramson – Account Executive

Meet Max Abramson, an Account Executive at Schulich ExecEd, dedicated to helping organizations find tailored training programs. Max’s passion for storytelling and understanding the emotional reasoning behind clients’ needs sets him apart. He strives to bring top-tier education to underserved communities in Canada, bridging the education gap. Learn about his work with Indigenous groups, municipalities, and the automotive industry, and explore the importance of continuous skill development.

Joining the Schulich ExecEd Team

Meet Max Abramson, a lifelong learner with a passion for storytelling. After working as an actor, Max decided to attend the Toronto Film School for Acting and later George Brown College for Computer Programming. Once he completed his education, Max realized he wanted to use his curiosity and passion for storytelling to help others. He began working for Schulich ExecEd as a Customer Care Representative, where he quickly made an impact with his friendly and helpful demeanour. 

“When I’m working with a client, my biggest satisfaction comes from getting past the technical details and the dates and dollars of what they’re asking for, and really hone in on the why,” Max explains. “It’s important to find out what their emotional reasoning is for coming to us, and why they’re wanting training for their employees.”

Max was soon promoted to Account Executive, where he is responsible for managing client relationships and helping organizations find or tailor a Schulich ExecEd program that meets their unique needs.

Bringing Top-Tier Education to All Canadians

While our country is known for having a world-class education system, not everyone in Canada has equal access to these educational opportunities. Many communities, particularly those in rural and remote areas, face significant barriers when it comes to accessing quality education. Recognizing this challenge, Schulich ExecEd and Max Abramson are committed to taking action to begin to bridge this gap.

“I aspire to use the top-tier faculty and the high-ranking education that Schulich ExecEd offers to provide industry-leading organizations with training programs that provide the skills their employees need to achieve their personal goals,” Max explains. “Secondly, and maybe even more importantly, I want to be able to provide that kind of education to underserved communities within Canada.” 

One of the groups Max works with is The Niiwin Wendaanimok (Four Winds) Partnership, an Indigenous-owned and operated corporation dedicated to providing construction, contracting, and environmental monitoring services in Treaty 3 territory in Northern Ontario. With a mandate to employ Anishinaabe workers and assets in construction and development projects, the Partnership is committed to rebuilding their economy while ensuring Anishinaabe laws and voices are respected throughout development processes within Anishinaabe territory.

“I’m most proud of the work that I’ve done with the Four Winds Partnership, because we provided project management training to their community,” says Max. “Being able to work with underserved communities and Indigenous groups is one of my biggest aspirations with this sort of work. We’re able to provide them with professional development from a top-tier university that they might not otherwise be able to access.

In addition to working with the Four Winds Partnership, Max also has worked with municipalities like the Greater City of Sudbury, and in the automotive industry with companies like Mitsubishi.

The Importance of Building Your Skill Set

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving job market, it’s crucial to continuously build and develop your skill set. Not only does this help you stay ahead of the competition, but it also opens up new opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. Even after completing two post-secondary education programs, Max continues to learn and build upon his own skill set. 

“I think emotional intelligence, communication skills, and project management are probably the three biggest skill sets that I find come up a lot, and that employers want from their employees,” Max says. “I’ve personally taken two programs through Schulich ExecEd: Developing and Presenting a Successful Business Case and Winning Sales Strategies. I found them both to be really valuable. They helped me build skills that I use in my career everyday and that I didn’t have any formal training around.” 

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