Newly revised program helps adult training facilitators and designers achieve excellence

Posted on July 06, 2018
Newly revised program helps adult training facilitators and designers achieve excellence

Highly regarded program for trainers now features new options, format

Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development has become a widely accepted qualification for organizations who invest in professional training for their staff members. In a world were certification is now a requirement, this program provides the best available. In fact, it was originally developed for graduate education students looking for an introduction to the principles of adult learning, which differ from the typical school setting, complemented by hands-on experiential practice.

This successful program has been revised for 2019 to make it equally applicable to both facilitators and program designers looking to incorporate the latest proven techniques into their work, including elearning development and facilitation.

The in-class program runs for  13 days over four months. Participants begin with the core module, The Essence of Adult Learning and Teaching, which focuses on understanding the unique learning needs of adults in a work environment, but also asks the trainers to assess their own competencies and set their personal learning goals as facilitator/designers.

The next three modules in the program: Designing Learning for Performance, Creating High Impact Learner-Centred Classrooms and Dynamic eLearning Development, look into distinct aspects of adult education. Participants choose two of three modules as program options, depending on their needs.

The final module, the Practicum in Adult Training and Development, allows participants to apply their learning in a real-world situation of their choosing and produce a report within a year to complete the program. The Practicum also has three options, depending on the focus of your work. All are supported with two webinar sessions and individual coaching and mentoring by faculty to make the Practicum a uniquely valuable learning experience.

To learn more about this highly regarded program aimed at trainers who specialize in working with and designing programs for adult learners, visit the revised program web pages, where you can also register for the program and view a video discussion with faculty members.