Pandemic Messaging Must Stay True to Your Brand

Posted on September 09, 2020
Pandemic Messaging Must Stay True to Your Brand

The following excerpt is from the Schulich ExecEd Fireside Chat series, Leadership Lessons in Trouble Times, featuring Ian Gordon, Senior Vice-President, Loblaw Brands Ltd.

In the conversation, Gordon spoke about how organizations are adjusting their marketing communications efforts in the unique situation of the pandemic and how any reassuring messaging must still connect with the core purpose of the business.

“I think you know [what] my message would be in these times. I think it’s really important to resist the temptation to move to action, and I say that because you see a lot of brands in the marketplace right now recognizing an obligation and a desire to do something in the marketplace saying, ‘I want to come out and reassure the public’. But, if it’s not relevant and it’s not true to the core purpose of what your brand stands for and is all about, you run a risk, I think. And we see it a lot in the communication out there – I mean, how many people have gotten a “please stay safe, we’re thinking of you” [message] from your lawn sprinkler company? You haven’t talked to them in years and they’re putting out a message more through obligation than thinking about it from their brand perspective.”

Listen to the full conversation here.

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