Schulich ExecEd introduces new e+ programs at Faculty Day

Posted on June 01, 2018

Every years, the Schulich ExecEd’s holds a day for instructors, facilitators and program directors to share the latest updates on how Schulich ExecEd has evolved to meet participants’ demands for better management and executive seminars.

This year’s event was held May 14 at the Schulich School of Business’s Executive Learning Centre, on York University’s Keele campus, and it provided a preview of what’s in store for participants in the 2018-2019 session.

Alan MiddletonThe day opened with greetings and remarks on “Macro Trends in Management Education” from Alan Middleton, Schulich ExecEd executive director and professor of marketing in the Schulich School of Business. In his remarks, Middleton shared his thoughts on disruption and the impact it has on all organizations and outlined how Schulich ExecEd is responding to these currents of change with new and innovative programs and methods.

Keeping up with Schulich ExecEd’s constantly evolving approach to executive education was the theme of the mid-morning session. The session highlighted Schulich ExecEd’s current drive to introduce more digital learning in its programs and assist facilitators in designing programs that incorporate more online components. The strategy and contents of the new offerings, called e+ programs, were explained by Malcolm Cowan, Schulich executive in residence, Esther Wang, associate director of open programs, and Garima Gupta, Schulich ExecEd’s Instructional Designer.

In his remarks to the group, Cowan explained that the new programs were Schulich ExecEd’s response to increasing demand for more self-paced learning with shorter in-class commitments that would also reach a national and international audience of executives looking to enhance their careers. The focus of e+ programs will be to set a new standard for quality in on-line learning by retaining the most popular aspects of in-class learning – instructor involvement with participants and networking with peers – with the convenience of more flexible learning schedules and deeper engagement in the programs through state-of-the-art instructional design.

Schulich ExecEd facilitator Sanjay Dhebar, who teaches marketing and general management, shared his experiences in designing an online program with the group as did Michael Ewing, director of Schulich ExecEd’s Centre of Excellence in Lean Six Sigma, who is revamping his highly successful programs to include online components.

Existing Schulich ExecEd programs are being revamped to include online components but there will also be new programs designed specifically as e+ offerings.

For more information on Schulich ExecEd’s e+ programs, see page 20-21 of the 2019-2020 Calendar.