Schulich ExecEd puts on a show for Schulich Alumni CONNECT 2018

Posted on May 07, 2018
Schulich ExecEd puts on a show for Schulich Alumni CONNECT 2018

Schulich ExecEd hosted a special session for the Schulich School of Business Alumni gathering “CONNECT ’18: The Schulich Alumni Forum” on April 27, featuring three instructors from its executive education programs.

The session, titled “Schulich ExecEd-ing the Future”, was the first-ever pre-CONNECT primer, an exclusive program for Schulich alumni, presented by the Schulich ExecEd. This fascinating afternoon program was designed to update Schulich Alumni on what lies ahead in the future of business, as well as leading best practices.

Schulich ExecEd-ING THE FUTURE – Transforming for a world of possibilities included three presentations:

  • Leading in a Turbulent World
  • The Face of the Future – the Alibaba Story
  • Blockchain

Leading in a Turbulent World

Detlev Zwick, a marketing professor in the Schulich School of Business and director of the BBA/iBBA Program who also facilitates a course at Schulich ExecEd with colleague Ingo Holzinger, gave a presentation based on themes of that program.

The session introduced participants to some of the new mindsets and thinking techniques required for success in today’s turbulent and complex global environment. Via mini lectures and a case study, participants explored thinking and reframing skills for challenging assumptions, developing new insights and exploring practices that enable them to make a positive leadership difference in today’s turbulent world.

“The Face of the Future – the Alibaba Story”

Alan Middleton, a marketing professor at Schulich and executive director of Schulich ExecEd, reviewed the rise of Aibaba, one of China’s most successful businesses, to look at what it is doing differently and what has made it so successful. Middleton indicated what we can learn from the way they do business and why this may be the way to manage in a constantly disruptive world.


Henry M. Kim, professor of operations management and information systems at Schulich, and director of the York Ontology Driven Analytics Laboratory, spoke about this fascinating development in the final session.

In this seminar, the audience was introduced to blockchain and its many applications by exploring fundamental concepts, applications in finance, supply chain and healthcare, as well as Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s)

The Pre-CONNECT program also included an Introduction of Schulich ExecEd, which is ranked in the top 40 management education providers in the world.