Swift move to online delivery gets high marks from participants

Posted on March 25, 2020
Swift move to online delivery gets high marks from participants

Responding to a once-in-a-lifetime emergency like the one we are now experiencing demands agility and innovation from everyone.

In order to provide continuity for participants who are midway through their in-class executive education programs, Schulich ExecEd instructors were asked to move to online delivery on very short notice. The early results from our efforts to gauge their success are in and we are encouraged that almost everyone was pleased with the necessary change in the mode of delivery.

A sample of comments from participants shows our exceptional faculty were able to convey the essence of their programs on our online systems and enable them to continue their learning during this difficult time.

“The instructors were highly adaptive given the circumstances, as was Ingo,” said one participant in the Schulich Mini-MBA program. “It was a fascinating time to be talking about these issues and hearing from one another and applying the lessons in our own fields. It was actually very comforting to return to the group [online] during this stressful period.

Almost all participants, mindful of the last-minute change to online delivery, said the experience meet or exceeded their expectations. One even said, “100%”.

Participants in the Management 1 program also appreciated the quick response to accommodate their learning needs as they joined in from home.

“Alan [Kennedy] was very understanding to our needs if we needed to step away due to Covid-19 issues that continue to arise,” said one. A fellow online classmate said the switch to online exceeded expectations and they “enjoyed the interactive functionality of the ZOOM [conferencing platform]. Another commented, “It did meet my expectation. It was different but the instructor made it work.”

Schulich ExecEd is continuing to transition programs in mid-session to online delivery wherever possible. Our shorter two- and three-day programs are also being moved online to enable those who need to stay home during the emergency make good use of the time by upgrading their skills.

For information on programs that are now being delivered online, visit our Special Information page for Schulich ExecEd participants. You can also check out our programs that were specifically designed for online delivery by visiting our Online Programs page.