The Importance of an Intrapreneurial Mindset

Posted on October 01, 2019
The Importance of an Intrapreneurial Mindset

In an article titled, “Beyond Employee Engagement”, Forbes magazine argues that one intrapreneur is worth a hundred “engaged” employees.

Three inescapable forces have recently created the perfect storm for what we call the “intrapreneurial imperative”: the need to innovate, empower employees and adapt to the future of work.

Now, more than ever, organizations need to shift the mindset of their employees who try to maintain the status quo to that of corporate entrepreneurs who can help the organization create new forms of value through product and service innovation, unique business models and organizational renewal projects.

To address this growing need for an organizational capability to develop intrapreneurs, the Custom Team at the Schulich ExecEd is launching a new full-day workshop, Building Employee Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Participants will learn:

  1. The importance to their career and the organization of adding intrapreneurship to their role.
  2. The mindset strategies intrapreneurs use to develop the four core behaviours, including:
    • Proactivity that enables them to go from being an employee that waits for instructions to one that is a self-starter.
    • Anticipation that enables them to go from being an employee that strictly follows established patterns to one that challenges the status quo
    • Networking that enables them to go from an employee that stops at barriers to one that networks across functions to communicate innovative concepts and align them with the organization’s desired objectives and achieve key results
    • Innovation that enables them to go from an employee that develops creative procedures within organizational barriers to one that can look at root causes and implements holistic solutions to eliminating those barriers
  3. How to easily pass the failure zone on the journey to becoming an intrapreneur

During this workshop participants will learn and internalize these concepts through lecture and various activities, including:

  • An assessment of their personal intrapreneurial capabilities
  • An assessment of their personal thinking style
  • Empathy mapping
  • Proactivity planning
  • Strategic foresight activities
  • Resourcefulness planning exercise

For more information about how your organization can benefit from this workshop, contact the Schulich ExecEd Custom Team by email, or call 416-736-5079.