Transform into your higher self with a personalized learning path

Posted on July 09, 2018

Taking a program to acquire skills for new job responsibilities may seem like a one-time proposition but with the rapid pace of change these days, new gaps in training can appear even as you are learning to address current ones. To truly prepare for career advancement, you need a plan that covers all the bases. That’s why Schulich ExecEd’s Personalized Certificate Programs, or Learning Paths, were created.

With more than 100,000 leaders trained, Schulich ExecEd has the expertise to recommend a path to career success through learning and has put together a newly revised collection of executive education programs designed to bridge knowledge gaps in multiple related areas. The Certificate in Professional Excellence (CPE) collection was created to take you a step further in directing the future of your career. Charting a program for your future will prepare you to seize the next opportunity when it comes along.

The Certificate of Professional Excellence program features six pre-packaged learning paths that address the typical needs of professionals in the most popular fields such as:

  • Business Operations and Innovation
  • Management Studies
  • Public Sector Leadership
  • General Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Strategic Leadership and Planning

Each program gives you the flexibility to choose different program options and set personal learning goals based on your unique situation. They are a comprehensive and cost-effective way to attain professional excellence in just three years or less.

The programs consist of four programs taken at your own pace within a three-year period. As an added value, Learning Path participants receive exclusive program tuition savings when programs are taken in combination.  After their initial program, participants receive a 10% savings on the second program and third courses, and a full 50% savings on the final program.

Schulich ExecEd Learning Paths help you navigate your professional future with a concrete plan for success. Check out your options today. Visit the Personalized Certificate Programs web pages for full details on how to get a  Certificate of Professional Excellence in your field.