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Emerging Leaders

Schulich ExecEd’s Emerging Leaders Program is designed to keep your rising stars engaged, inspired and leaning into their role with passion and effectiveness. This program is a practical and hands-on group experience whereby emerging leaders will be introduced to vital leadership development and career empowerment strategies that they can apply on the job right away. Learn more…[/col]

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Talent Champions

Are you a Talent Champion? According to the Corporate Leadership Council only 19% of Senior Leaders are Talent Champions. Talent Champions are highly committed and highly effective at developing talent. Talent Champions deliver greater business results by engaging and developing employees. This program will provide you with the tools and insights to be a Talent Champion. Participants will build their personal leadership development plan and a talent strategy for their business unit or function. Learn more…[/col][/row]

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Strategic Mindset

More and more organizations are looking for their leaders to think more strategically, think more broadly about the business. In this program, leaders will become familiar with the strategic thinking process; starting with setting the vision and ending with evaluation. Learn the different types of strategic options available at the different levels of organizations and the mechanisms of choosing the right program of action. Learn more…[/col]

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

Leading organizations empower their leaders and employees to develop an entrepreneurial mindset – to think like entrepreneurs inside the organization. In this program, participants will explore key entrepreneurial behaviours that enable them to get the job done. Learn more…[/col][/row]

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Wellness Within

It is increasingly evident that wellness is a crucial foundation in sustainable personal and professional success. Healthy workplaces and cultures are the leading factors that enable leaders to build and manage top teams. The Wellness Within program empowers organizational leaders and HR professionals to lead integration of evolutionary wellness practices within their organizations. This powerful program strengthens people and work cultures. Learn more…[/col]

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Career Empowerment

Recent studies by human resource organizations show that up to half of early-in-career employees – those with less than five years’ experience in the workforce – are ready to change jobs for better opportunities, both in pay and career fulfillment, within the first year. This program helps senior leaders and HR professionals ensure that each early-in-career employee is empowered to succeed and has a clear and measurable growth development road map. Learn more… [/col][/row]

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Diversity & Inclusion

Building a culture is not only a role for leaders and human resources. It’s the responsibility of every employee. Be the culture you want. Schulich ExecEd has been helping organizations like yours become more inclusive, diverse and collaborative. Our approach reaches every level of the organization and every department. Learn more…[/col][/row]

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Success Stories

Our clients challenge us to create the most intellectually stimulating and practical programs. Here’s what’s relevant today.

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[col span=”2″ of=”6″]Leading Data Analytics

What We Do

Using our behavioural analysis process, our team develops programs that transform behaviours.

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Who We Are

A team of program designers and learning architects who develop impactful programs that anchor to your organization’s strategy.

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