Early-in-Career Program

Ignite your career.

In a competitive market, early-career professionals must stand out from the crowd by making their unique strengths visible. This self-paced program will help you develop a genuine personal brand that resonates with peers and inspires employers. Learn how to roadmap your career with drive and momentum, create meaningful results, and win the trust of the market.

Early-in-Career Program

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Fees: $895
Length: 4 three-hour, self-paced modules
Next Session: July 1, 2023 to
September 30, 2023
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  • Virtual Classroom
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Early-in-Career Program

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Plan And Implement
Your Road To Success

The way you package and present yourself makes all the difference in your career—especially when you lack the work experience of more senior professionals.

In this self-paced program for early-career professionals, you’ll take an introspective look at your core strengths and skills, and discover ways to define and communicate your unique value to any company.

Design a personal brand that communicates focus and authenticity, and build a positive reputation that stays with you throughout your career. Set realistic milestones in your roadmap and precisely determine the steps required to succeed in your career trajectory.

This program is ideal for early-in-career professionals, such as new managers, who are eager to create a career path within their organization and accelerate their career growth.

Get Training in Marketable Skills

Communication Skills
Problem Solving
Relationship Building
Time Management
Stress Management

4 Reasons to Enrol

Amazing Education for Busy Professionals

This program packs rich, practical learnings into 4 self-paced modules, so you can empower your career without interrupting your work schedule.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Develop a unique personal brand and distinguish yourself in a competitive market.

Learn from the Pros

Train with top-rated Schulich ExecEd instructors that are consistently ranked among the world’s best.

Earn Higher Pay

Schulich ExecEd students gain the confidence, skills and perspective to attain better roles, launch new ventures, and lead their teams to new heights.

Who Will Benefit

Aspiring Leaders

Early-in-career professionals, such as new managers, looking to succeed in leadership roles will learn to effectively communicate their value propositions and prove themselves as high-potential individuals.

Program Overview

  • Develop your personal brand by identifying your core strengths, skills, contributions, and the value you bring to a company. Practice articulating your accomplishments and build a positive reputation as a hardworking, authentic team member.

  • Take charge of your career and make a positive impact in the workplace with strong self-management techniques. Learn to effectively manage your time, responsibilities and stress, and cultivate lasting momentum in your career.

  • Demonstrate your value and take action to move the needle in your career. Create your own dynamic career roadmap and discover the hidden value of your experiences.

  • Communicate with eloquence and enthusiasm to persuade, inspire and influence those around you. Gain tools for building your professional network and implement effective communication skills into your everyday conversations.

  • Summer 2023 Dates Time
    Early-in-Career Program 7/1/2023 - 9/30/2023 12:00 am - 12:00 am


Trevor Cape,

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What You Get

After completing the Early-in-Career Program, you'll receive an authentic digital badge from the #1 business school in Canada that employers will recognize.

As more and more companies look for candidates with specific skills, this badge on your CV will be a credible assurance of your achievements and expertise, allowing the right roles to find you faster.

Foundational Badge

Signifies that you’ve gained information and insight into new skills.

Custom Programs for Organizations

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