Catherine Dine

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Catherine Dine is an award-winning researcher and strategist with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), Bachelor of Arts (English), a CMRP (Certified Market Research Professional) and Moderator Training from the Riva Training Institute in Maryland.

Catherine’s research expertise has developed over more than 20 years in the industry including progressively senior corporate and research agency roles. Catherine works with select clients in a highly collaborative, integrated and impactful fashion. Categories range from financial services and capital markets, through entertainment and technology, to consumer-packaged goods and pharmaceuticals.

Catherine is a co-chair of the Canadian Chapter of QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association), a conference speaker and regular attendee at a range of industry events worldwide, and a life-long learner in the fields of psychology, anthropology, behavioural science, mental health, creativity and client experience through study and application.

Catherine is an instructor for the Design Thinking program at the Schulich ExecEd of York University – teaching about the Empathy and Discovery phases of the Design Thinking approach to Innovation.

Catherine Dine