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At Schulich ExecEd, we understand that a senior leader’s educational needs are uncommon. Our programs bring a top-rated business school’s perspective to the areas that matter most to you, including leadership, business research and technology.

Here are the two key scenarios that we’ve designed our senior leader programs to help.

The Expanding Leader
The Expanding Leader

You’ve been in your role for many years, and know it well. But you feel less comfortable with other areas of your organization.

You’re ready for exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking about the business.

How We Help

  • Gain a holistic perspective
  • Connect with other amazing leaders

The Pinnacle Leader
The Pinnacle Leader

You’re relied on by other leaders to improve processes and take charge. You feel under pressure to move faster and make snap decisions, but lack the tools to do so.

You want to expand the advice and strategy you can offer other leaders and decision-makers.

How We Help

  • Expand leadership strategies
  • Discover cutting-edge leadership tools

Featured Testimonials

“An incredible program which lets you apply the content delivered directly to your work.

- K. Charteris
General Manager, YMCA Ontario
Group of happy students speaking while studying

Explore Leadership Skillsets, Right Now

To lead in times of disruption, you must act fast and with a coherent understanding of the problems at hand. Our world-class facilitators go beyond traditional training programs and help you leverage crucial senior leadership skills.

The Non-Negotiables

Basic skills needed to master your current and future roles.

  • Strategic Thinking
The Level Up Skills

Essential skills to get noticed and fast-track your next promotion.

  • Political Acuity

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Group of happy students speaking while studying

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Government assistance is available for some of our most popular programs. An advisor can help you choose an approved program and complete the necessary paperwork.

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