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Rise up fast as a technical professional who gets the business, too.
Our programs uniquely combine hard skills and industry insights to
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Technical training beyond the basics

The fastest-growing technical industries get more competitive every day. To ensure a thriving career, specialists have to know more than just their foundational skills.

Designed to meet the demands of these industries, Schulich X programs uniquely pair technical training with deep business insights to give aspiring specialists a well-rounded education. Learn all the skills you need to get the job—and grasp the business side of the industry to keep growing in your new career.

Find your specialty

Choose from a wide range of specialized programs covering key skills and topics in sought-after technical careers.

Solve business challenges

Bridge the gap between technical expertise and business skills so you can contribute cutting-edge ideas.

Learn on your terms

Attend private, synchronous lectures in small virtual classrooms.

Choose your path
at Schulich X

Get immersed with a 12-month Professional Graduate Certificate program, or pick up quick skills in 3-6 months with HyperionDev Bootcamps. All Schulich X programs are offered virtually and designed to help you become a technical specialist with a business background, too.

Professional Graduate Certificate

Business Product Design Program

Program length: 12 months

Dive deep into the key pillars of the industry: product design, product development, project management, and managing client relationships.

HyperionDev Bootcamp

Software Engineer Bootcamp

With HyperionDev

Program length: 3-6 months

Go from newbie to software engineer in no time. Learn everything you need to create amazing computer programs and software.

HyperionDev Bootcamp

Web Developer Bootcamp

With HyperionDev

Program length: 3-6 months

Master frontend & backend web development to build database-driven web apps using the powerful MERN stack.

HyperionDev Bootcamp

Data Scientist Bootcamp

With HyperionDev

Program length: 3-6 months

Learn to use classic machine learning models and popular data science tools to work with data to empower business, research, and technology.

Hands-on training from a
leading business school

Get a technical training experience like no other. Schulich X programs are taught by top-rated Schulich ExecEd instructors who know your industry inside and out. Plus, you’ll walk away with a valuable digital badge from Canada’s #1 business school.

Make your career move with business-driven, technical training programs that set you apart—even in the most competitive industries.

Meet with and learn from industry leaders who know how to teach the basics and inspire extra creativity.

Upon completing your program, you’ll receive an authentic digital credential that’ll prove your capability to any employer.

Shake hands with like-minded colleagues and respected instructors who can put you in touch with all the right people.

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Get the skills and the smarts to launch your future-proof career path. Enrol in a Schulich X program today, or discuss your goals with an advisor.