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The year Schulich School of Business was established.

Ranked #1

Recognized international authorities consistently rank us in the top 5, including The Financial Times, Forbes Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

80,000+ Students

Thousands of individuals take a Schulich ExecEd business program every year. In nearly all sectors in Canada, our alumni get paid more than their peers and excel in their current and future roles.


Companies served, helping them maximize their workforce’s potential.


Custom programs delivered across a spectrum of organizations in Canada.

Message from the Executive Director

Whether this is your first time considering professional development or if you have developed into a lifelong learner, we provide personalized programs that will enable you to realize your full potential, grow your professional network and elevate you to the next level in your professional career.

- Rami Mayer

Executive Director, Schulich ExecEd, Schulich School of Business, York University

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Our Approach

Proudly serving employers and individuals.

All our programs combine a variety of learning modalities to ensure optimal program effectiveness, relevance and learning retention. Starting with classroom instruction as the foundation, elements of applied learning, e-learning, along with informal and social learning are incorporated.

Meet the Best Faculty
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Megan Mitchell

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Masters Certificate in Innovation Leadership

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Michel Shah

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Inclusive Leadership

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Sanjay J. Dhebar, MBA

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Management 1: The New Managers Program

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Stephen Friedman, MA Psych

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Schulich Mini-MBA: Essentials of Management

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Our Partners

Tap into our partner network. We work with world-class Canadian and international universities to enhance the quality of your educational experience by leveraging local faculty and regional expertise.

A Culture Where Anyone Can Achieve Their Best

We work hard every day to make sure our teachers, associates, and faculty pursue inclusion and strive to make more opportunities for learning.

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