“Forces beyond your control make it difficult to plot your career path, but you can at least focus on the next step.”

Posted on February 14, 2023
“Forces beyond your control make it difficult to plot your career path, but you can at least focus on the next step.”

In my role, I think constantly about our mission as a training organization for business professionals.

By your reading of this message, it is likely that you are thinking of taking an active step in developing your skills as you charter your career.

If I had to summarize the logic behind our portfolio of offerings, at its core, it is a careful consideration on the impact that we feel we can make to your career, and for your employers, it is how we can support them to build the skills they need to meet their challenges, opportunities and goals.

Allow me to unpack this a little further. You may agree that motives that lead you to pursue a particular program can be a result of a number of reasons. For example, it can be a result of a desire to upskill yourself so that you can perform your current job better; perhaps learn new skills that would position you to move up the managerial ladder. Maybe it’s a desire to position yourself for a lateral role that needs new skills or fundamentally strengthen your CV with a qualification that prospective employers would recognize.

As such, we have designed our portfolio around with these career decisions in mind and have created programs for early, mid and senior groups in all areas of management, leadership and business operations. These programs are designed to address the next step in your career. I invite you to peruse these programs on this website in order to see what might be right for your career. Please reach out to our advisors for help as they possess the expertise to provide you with a renewed perspective for your learning journey; allow them to help you meet your objectives and reach your full potential.

At Schulich ExecEd, we are an integral part of a tier-1 business school – the Schulich School of Business – extending our reach beyond the early career foundational years to providing exceptional career long learning. What is more, an ExecEd Certificate or Masters Certificate carries weight with employers.

We have been working with employers across all sectors for more than two decades and learned along the way to put ourselves in their shoes as well as understand their culture, goals and skill development needs at all levels of their organization. We have partnered with many national and global employers to grow their talent base and we are excited to partner with you as you embark on your own learning journey.

Lastly, I must highlight what I have been most proud of as of late – our industry leading support and collaboration with equity deserving groups both locally and nationally. As recognized thought leaders, it is imperative we partner and strengthen our own communities and ensure that our rising tide lifts all. In collaboration with our University, we have made incredible strides supporting and growing local community groups that service and cater to equity deserving groups in the areas of entrepreneurism, leadership, professional development and economic growth & advancement. This is near and dear to my heart and I am committed to ensuring this is a cornerstone of Schulich ExecEd now and into the future.

I wish you much success as you pursue your development goals and am confident that we can support your decision to invest in yourself as you upskill and grow your career.

My best wishes for your continued success. Enjoy the learning journey and be sure to have fun in the process.

-Rami Mayer

Executive Director

Schulich Executive Education (ExecEd)

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Rami Mayer

Rami Mayer is the Executive Director of the Schulich Executive Education (Schulich ExecEd), an extension of the Schulich School of Business at York University, responsible for providing educational non-degree programming to professionals throughout their careers.

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