Trevor Cape

Coaching and Collaboration, Communication

Top Career Coach and Professor, Trevor Cape offers leadership, empowerment, and transformation programs to help you advance your career.

With extensive experience helping people understand and leverage their brilliance, Trevor has managed thousands of coaching programs, independently and through top business schools, leading HR firms and organizations, partnering closely with clients to help them advance their careers, developing options and perspectives, strategic messaging, and engagement strategies that work.

Trevor created the Early-in-Career Program for the Schulich ExecEd and works with a portfolio of clients delivering regular career support workshops and coaching. Trevor has coached leaders from across all industries, including Canada’s top banks, educational institutions, and advertising companies.

Prior to building his reputation as a successful career coach, Trevor Cape worked for 14 years at Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, providing local and global leadership to HR, Marketing and Knowledge Management.

Trevor Cape