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Build a confident and competent team to solve the industry’s most immediate issues and create a sustainable future for your company.

Tackle New Challenges

Card Tackle New Challenges
Capital & Investment

Rising exploration and production costs are impacting investor interest, leaving companies stranded without capital and forced to scrap projects.

Card Tackle New Challenges
Commodity Prices

Unpredictably increasing commodity prices are making it impossible for companies to plan ahead, with many having to lay off workers or shut down operations.

Card Tackle New Challenges

Now more than ever, mining companies must evaluate their environmental impact and carbon footprint by incorporating hybrid power solutions and other new enhancements.

Card Tackle New Challenges
Worker Health &

Bolder explorations means deeper mines with greater risk of collapse. With additional climate changes, companies have to ensure consistent temperature control and ventilation systems.

Card Tackle New Challenges
Energy Sources

Rarer resources are forcing mining teams into off-grid locations with lower lifecycles, making companies more reliant on impermanent power solutions, like rentals and scalable microgrids.

Capitalize On Trends

  • Virtual technologies are on the rise, especially after the pandemic. Use technological innovations to safely deploy teams to remote locations and rethink ways of working in the industry.

  • One of the main concerns in the industry today is the health and safety of workers. Companies are increasingly adopting new geolocation technologies and central operations hubs to reduce risk.

  • To reach sustainability and productivity goals, the industry is now focusing on collaboration. This includes standardized, vendor-agnostic supply chain solutions and interdisciplinary support on net-zero emissions mining.

  • With electrical, digital and automated technologies on the rise, mining companies are working to accelerate their climate goals to meet the standards of new global pacts.

  • Many governments, including Canada, have started focusing on water conservation and watershed management. In response, miners are starting to contribute through research and development to decrease water use.

Capitalize On Trends
Develop the Right Skills for Mining, Right Now

Develop the Right Skills for Mining, Right Now

Manual Dexterity
Analytical Skills
Decision Making
Problem Solving
Logical Thinking
Project Management

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Shape Your Future-Ready Team

Dig deeper and reach new resources with a high-performing workforce. Negotiate better financial backing for all future mining explorations. Our unique Mining Academy is designed to evolve teams at all levels of your company.

Image of Cultivate Leadership
Cultivate Leadership

Develop the agility and resilience to tackle new challenges. Inspire change in your organization and industry.

Image of Empower Management
Empower Management

Push boundaries from the frontline with crucial analytical skills. Run profitable mining projects and keep them on track with the right frameworks.

Image of Strengthen Operations
Strengthen Operations

Adapt to the shifting complexities of today’s mining industry with supply chain knowledge and project management tools ready at hand.

Custom Programs for
Mining Companies

Equip your teams with the skills they need to create your company’s next chapter. We offer a range of customizable programs tailored to your goals and challenges.

Sample Programs in the Mining Academy
  • A comprehensive introduction on how to increase production, recovery and efficiency through data-driven business insights.

  • Accelerate the skills of front-line managers by introducing global best practices in mining management and streamlining existing processes.

  • Develop useful risk-mitigation strategies and form a comprehensive understanding of global mining industry dynamics.

  • Gain essential and current knowledge in top MBA subjects suitable for the mining industry, from operations to finance—all in a practical time frame.

  • Solve talent pipeline challenges by helping early-in-career employees in the mining industry build a successful and productive path.

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Custom Programs for Mining Companies

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