14 Qualities of High Performing Teams

Posted on September 22, 2020
14 Qualities of High Performing Teams

Although digital technology is reshaping some fundamental things about the workplace, the basic principles of what makes up a productive team haven’t changed much. Building teams has always been one of management’s biggest challenges.

More is expected of managers in these uncertain times. Workplaces everywhere have reported increasing levels of stress and disengagement. Even high performers can be a poor fit for a team dynamic, and a bad mix of people can be dysfunctional and non-productive, reflecting badly on a department. More then ever, a team leader needs to take to heart time-proven guidelines about putting together and guiding a successful, collaborative group ready to tackle projects successfully.

Here is a downloadable PDF describing 14 qualities of high performing teams.


The topic of this article is inspired by the curriculum for the Schulich ExecEd program Building High Performing Teams & Collaborative Cultures. This three-day program will help you create and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation where people work together effectively in teams to solve business problems.

DATE: October 5-7, 2020