4 Signs That It’s the Right Time to Take an Executive Education Program

Posted on October 22, 2019
4 Signs That It’s the Right Time to Take an Executive Education Program

In the near future, everyone in the business world will need to expand their skills, adopt new mindsets and adapt to new technologies, regardless of how much experience they already have.

The most convenient, effective and time saving way to meet this need is an executive education program. Here are some signs that it is the right time for you to start looking into one or more programs as a lifeline to safeguard your career.

1. Insecurity about the future

All employees risk becoming ineffectual when their workplace presents new challenges and undergoes transformation. Those who admit to their fears of what is coming next have taken the first step. What disruptive technology or corporate redirection will shake the boat? Who will fall overboard? Nobody knows for sure. Workers can maximize their value by being prepared for change, something an executive education program can help accomplish.

2. Getting promoted

Everyone enjoys the validation that comes with being promoted at their place of work. But it also means higher expectations. Providing meaningful direction and leadership to others requires exceptional communication skills, as well as the ability to be proactive and think strategically. The elevated role may also involve broadening one’s knowledge base into new areas such as basic finance. There is an executive education program that will help those taking on more demanding positions at their place of work.

3. Switching jobs

It’s not unusual for mid-career workers to alter their career trajectories. This is even more common now that so many jobs are being threatened by automation. The good news is that expertise already acquired is transferrable to other fields, although there will still be gaps in knowledge and capability. An executive education program can help close those gaps. When its possible to remain in full time employment while pursuing new skills and education, all the better. Online and blended learning options make juggling learning responsibilities with home and work life easier. In-class options revolve around group learning and will expand existing networks.

4. Employer’s initiative

An employer may take the initiative and offer an executive education opportunity to an employee. In fact, they may even require staff to take a specific program. Companies know that it is more advisable to enrich the staff they already have rather than seek to replace their workforce with untested new hires. Substantial budgets for training and education are now a major investment for many organizations.

Staying ahead of the curve with executive education means you will be more likely to make a smooth transition into a turbulent future and achieve your career potential.


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