A Good Customer Experience Will Fail if it’s not Consistent

Posted on June 28, 2021
A Good Customer Experience Will Fail if it’s not Consistent

The disruption of the past few years – made worse by the pandemic – has put pressure on organizations to adapt and differentiate themselves from their competitors. As more and more products and services are developed on similar models, it has become hard to stand out in the crowd.

Developing a good product or service is no longer enough in such a competitive environment. The key these days is, who can deliver the best customer experience?

Vafa Akhavan, a facilitator in the Schulich ExecEd, says the most important aspect of a good CX strategy is consistency across the different touch points between your business and your customer. In this video, he describes how organizations need to commit to creating an excellent customer experience at all points in the buyer’s journey. Failing at any one of them can mean a disappointed customer and harm to your brand.

Vafa AkhavanVafa Akhavan is a facilitator in Schulich ExecEd’s special 5-session program, Building Back Better: A Leadership Bootcamp for a Sustainable Recovery, starting Aug. 23, 2021. He leads the fourth two-hour session in the series: Customer Experience Excellence: Key Challenges and Resolutions for the Recovery. For more information on the program and to register, visit the program web page.