B.O.L.D. program helps leaders and organizations thrive in a diverse and inclusive world

Posted on March 05, 2018
B.O.L.D. program helps leaders and organizations thrive in a diverse and inclusive world

Ensuring robust talent pipelines of diverse leaders to fill senior positions is a pressing priority, especially given a generation that is retiring from the private, public and non-profit sectors. The challenge exists for both employers and those they are recruiting, as cultural nuances and the global economy have changed what it means to effectively manage. It also brings benefits in how organizations perform.

Jennifer Lynn portrait
Jennifer Lynn Program Director

“A 2018 report from the Boston Consulting Group shows that organizations which actively increase the diversity of their management teams – with the right enabling factors in place – perform better. Those that reported above-average diversity on their teams also reported innovation revenue that was 45 per cent of total revenues versus just 26 per cent for those with below-average leadership diversity.”

A catalyst for change, the B.O.L.D. Coaching Program equips culturally diverse leaders with the tools, strategies and insights to accelerate their advancement and their contribution to the organization’s values and goals. High-potential leaders from diverse communities may have backgrounds that differ from the traditional corporate culture and, conversely, managers responsible for a diverse talent pool need to be aware of those differences and proactively integrate inclusion and equity for all, in order to succeed now and into the future.

“The B.O.L.D. program enabled me to approach challenges and solve problems in new ways and learn how my unique assets and abilities strengthen my organization,” said M. Moshinksy, assistant negotiator with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. “B.O.L.D. casts diversity and inclusion in a new light and provides insight into how other organizations understand and embrace diversity.”

Program participants learn from a highly interactive, dynamic approach to managing diversity-inclusion in the workplace through immediate on-the-job application. Structured engagement between the leaders and the designated employer-sponsors supports organizational change.

In nine sessions over eight months, the curriculum combines the best learning from Canada’s leading business school, from human capital and diversity specialists and features the “Straight Talk With The CEO” series as well as case studies and simulations.

B.O.L.D. leaders ultimately benefit from greater credibility, greater confidence and a greater number of connections to other leaders.

For more information and to register, visit the program webpage.