Dynamic coaching unlocks employee potential

Posted on September 19, 2018
Dynamic coaching unlocks employee potential

Managers of teams, for example sales teams, should treat coaching as an ongoing process, not an annual event. It is a series of actions that unlocks the potential of the individual and maximizes his or her performance. One way to achieve this is through Dynamic Coaching™, based on the belief that effective results come from behaving in ways that are appropriate to the needs of the situation and the competency of the employee. The best managers make ordinary people perform better than they seem capable of by using each employee’s own internal strengths to inspire them to greatness.

The theory of dynamic influencing behaviours is based on the belief that one can be most effective by tailoring one’s coaching behaviour to meet the communication needs of the employee. The process involves the leader determining the level of competence of the employee, the decision-making strategy, and the resulting coaching behaviour to apply.

Every employee goes through this same set of attitudes and behaviours in their journey to becoming fully competent and must be coached appropriately at each of these stages. Using the appropriate coaching styles will result in not only highly competent employees, but employees who enjoy their job, enjoy coming to work, are loyal to the organization, and trust management.

Browse the slide deck below to gain a better understanding of how Dynamic Coaching works, and how you might apply the principles with your direct reports.

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This material has been drawn in part from Schulich ExecEd’s upcoming program Executive Program in Sales Management (Nov. 5 – 9, 2018), which allows participants to gain the tools and knowledge they need to map out innovative sales, marketing, and customer service strategies for their organization.