Facilitator’s humour helps class navigate the paradox of healthcare and business

Posted on April 10, 2018
Facilitator’s humour helps class navigate the paradox of healthcare and business

Healthcare management is more than staff helping patients in the wards. It’s also about learning to navigate the new realities of technology, tight budgets and a changing environment for comprehensive care.

Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Healthcare Management is the first and only comprehensive certificate of its kind in Canada and combines business fundamentals with healthcare leadership skills and knowledge, preparing you for the most senior-level healthcare positions.

Faculty, including leaders in healthcare, business and academia, share their insight and expertise with you, covering 15 comprehensive specialized leadership areas of focus, in an integrated, interactive and experiential learning environment.

The program is designed to explore the key trends and issues in healthcare that demand leadership excellence and help you acquire the necessary skills to become proficient in all matters facing today’s healthcare managers: advanced leadership; critical thinking, project planning and problem solving; designing lean processes; successful communication, quality and safety strategies and conflict resolution; information technology for healthcare leaders; leading change and innovation; and risk management and courageous leadership in healthcare.

The individual modules of the program are also available as a standalone program and the recently completed Module 4, “Leading Change & Innovation in Healthcare” is one of the most popular for the insight it gives into solving the challenges of modern healthcare delivery.

Facilitator Ingo Holzinger, a professor in the Schulich School of Business who specializes in leadership and creative thinking, led a one-day session on the “Art of Framing and Reframing”, introducing participants to new ideas on leading change and creating new possibilities. The content is designed to make creative thinking part of your core competencies and give you the practical tools to advance your organization beyond entrenched ideas.

Holzinger’s teaching style, which earned rave reviews from participants, is noted for its energy and humour, and makes this one of the best-received modules of the full 14-day program, spread over four months. Here are few comments on what participants took away from the recently concluded session:

“Ingo is brilliant, funny and provided so much food for thought in managing practical cases in complex workplace environments; He really drove home the need for managers to build productive, healthy relationships and listening skills when dealing with their team/staff.”

“Ingo Holzinger is a very engaging, energetic facilitator; brilliant subject matter expert; excellent use of real life examples.”

“Reframing thinking; getting my thoughts out of my comfort zone.”

“The use of metaphors in my work and embracing paradox in my work.”

“Learned many things and techniques that I can use in my work; Information is up to date.”

“Very well organized; Very motivational.”

“Loves his work; Happy and laughs – has humour; Learned a lot [and] made me and the class aware of some ideas

“The techniques taught were very easy to apply in the practical world.”

“Thinking about problems in new ways.”

“Best program I’ve ever taken.”

For more information on the full program, how to register for standalone modules and to view a video with Program Director Emma Pavlov, visit the program web page.