Building Tomorrow’s Leaders: Schulich ExecEd Joins Forces with Skills/Compétences Canada to Empower Youth for the Future

Posted on May 09, 2024
Building Tomorrow’s Leaders: Schulich ExecEd Joins Forces with Skills/Compétences Canada to Empower Youth for the Future

Schulich ExecEd is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC), an organization dedicated to enhancing the involvement of youth (ages 15-24) and their communities in skilled trade and technology careers across Canada year-long through various programming and initiatives.

Aligned with our mission to foster skill development and readiness among emerging leaders, Schulich ExecEd is honoured to support education as an Education Sponsor at the upcoming May Conference in Quebec City and serve as the official training partner of the Skills Canada National Alumni Committee (NAC) for 2024.

Bridging the Gap: Equipping Youth with Business Acumen

In bridging the gap between trade expertise and business acumen, Schulich ExecEd endeavors to equip professionals with essential business skills such as management, leadership, finance, communications, and data analytics, to name a few.

Through accelerated programming, Schulich ExecEd aims to provide tools that ignite an entrepreneurial spirit, cultivate a resilient workforce, and empower trades professionals to achieve desired growth levels in their respective fields.

“We take pride in our collaboration with Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC), serving as a sponsor and the official training partner of the National Alumni Committee for 2024. The programming provided goes beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on cultivating leadership skills crucial for empowering the next generation of youth,” states Rami Mayer, Executive Director of Schulich ExecEd, Schulich School of Business, York University.

“Recognizing the evolving job market, we are partnering with like-minded organizations to instill confidence in individuals by bridging the gap between technical trades and the business acumen necessary for a resilient and prosperous future workforce. This initiative exemplifies the impact collaborative and strategic partnerships can yield in shaping the course of the success of our future workforce. In today’s dynamic business landscape, young professionals are faced with multifaceted challenges that demand a comprehensive skill set. Through this meaningful partnership, we aim to empower these talented youth members with the business acumen necessary to navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s job market. By bridging the gap between technical expertise and strategic leadership, we are equipping them with the tools to thrive and lead in the ever-evolving world of work.”

Through our open enrollment portfolio, hundreds of participants from diverse sectors, can upskill with short-circuit and impactful programs, see here for our full portfolio.

Empowering Youth Leadership

Looking forward to July 2024, Schulich ExecEd eagerly anticipates hosting the Skills Canada National Alumni Committee and providing skills to young leaders in areas including strategic communications, developing a business case, and coaching.

“Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) is pleased to be partnering with the Schulich School of Business to support SCC’s National Alumni Committee (NAC), which is comprised of 13 youth leaders from across Canada, who represent their provincial/territorial alumni associations. This partnership will allow us to invest in our future skilled workforce by providing NAC members with professional development training, including coaching and mentoring,” said Shaun Thorson, SCC’s Chief Executive Officer.

We look forward to upskilling this talented group of aspiring leaders and helping support their growth in the next step in their career journey.