Schulich ExecEd joins Trustpilot community and gets rave reviews

Posted on April 06, 2018
Schulich ExecEd joins Trustpilot community and gets rave reviews

As part of our ongoing efforts to reach out to those in business looking for executive education programs that will advance their careers, the Schulich ExecEd has signed on as a member of the Trustpilot online review community.

An invitation went out to current and former Schulich ExecEd participants to rate their experience with us using Trustpilot’s independent website that allows us to gather feedback and interact with them.

After the first few weeks of the project, which will be ongoing, the reviews are in and – excuse our blushing – they are effusive with more than 80% of reviewers awarding us five out of five stars and another 17 % close behind with four-star approval ratings. Of the 1.9% of comments that were less favourable, we were able to address the issues immediately with the respondents, who we still thank for providing valuable feedback.

As the program continues, you will notice our Trustpilot scores showing up in Google searches and on our website, letting you know you are in good company with a community of satisfied Schulich ExecEd participants. And soon, you’ll be able to see how people rate us as you search online for learning programs.

But, we’d rather let you hear directly what people are saying about their experiences in our open enrolment executive education programs, delivered at both our Keele and Downtown Toronto campuses:

“It’s been an amazing experience when taking the Mini-MBA program. The level of the program and presented material were so high. This is a prestigious program which gives students vision. I believe experienced people should take this program as to reach management level in their career.” – Mehran Gharibnavaz

“Schulich’s program offerings have been engaging and enlightening, with experienced instructors and a focus on fostering self-awareness, personal growth and leadership development. Each program provided plenty of practical examples and takeaways too. Highly recommend!” – Lindsay Worton

“One of the best investments I made as an entrepreneur was to enrol in Prof. Ajay Sirsi’s strategic marketing program. It gave me a very effective template to use so I could apply some proven strategies quickly and not waste time and money on testing.  I am ready to launch in May and feeling really confident in my strong foundation.” – Simrit Gill

“I have taken similar programs with other educational institutions and found this to be outstanding. The content was relevant and easily incorporated into our day to day business and the presenters were engaging and knowledgeable.” – Tim Corcoran

“I had a great experience at the Schulich ExecEd. People were helpful, classrooms were well designed, clean and accessible. Lecturer was brilliant. I stayed in the centre hotel which was extremely convenient. Room was clean, spacious and reasonably priced.5/5 all around.” – Karl V.

“I have taken two programs at Schulich the past two years, and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.  The instructors were engaged and dynamic.  I loved the opportunity to converse and interact with my peers in class.  The content was motivating and useful in my day to day work life, and I enjoyed sharing my learning with my coworkers when I returned.” – Helene MacLeod

First Class Instructor and industrial guru. The pace of the program is always appropriate. I had the chance to mingle and build up good relationship with the classmates. Training materials are assembled in a binder for my future reference. – Keith Kwok

Schulich is the best. It has given me a new direction! After doing Critical communication skills certificate program, I’m filled with a new level of energy and enthusiasm with more confidence as cherry on a cake. I’d highly recommend Schulich because it’s not just about doing some program or obtain a certification, it’s about quality and reputation too. When you choose an institution like Schulich, you know you’re going to get the best on the receiving end, without a doubt. – Nancy Nangia