What Startups Get Wrong About Scaling Companies (and What They Can Do About It)

Posted on August 30, 2023
What Startups Get Wrong About Scaling Companies (and What They Can Do About It)

Despite recent challenges and setbacks, Canada’s startup scene remains active, with many creative ideas emerging and business professionals eager to make their mark. Venture Operations is the backbone that ensures companies have the framework, procedures, and support they need to scale and flourish. It is the bedrock of the quickly expanding venture industry in Canada and beyond. As a former operator of a startup that scaled and exited, I am passionate about helping startups learn, establish, and master their Operations functions. It is through this passion that I am launching the Schulich Masterclass Certificate in Venture Operations, a comprehensive program created to empower startup professionals and operators with the information and skills needed to fuel the expansion and success of ventures.

As the Program Director for Venture Operations, I am proud to be at the center of a transformative learning experience that will shape the future of the Canadian startup ecosystem.

Why is mastering Venture Operations essential? 

In today’s rapidly evolving startup ecosystem, the demand for skilled and strategic operators has never been greater. As startups seek to grow and expand, they need operational leaders who can optimize their processes, drive efficiency, and ensure a solid foundation for future success. This is where this program plays a pivotal role, as it provides participants with the tools, frameworks, and insights to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities in venture operations.

As the former COO of Sensibill (now acquired by Q2), I have witnessed firsthand how effective operations can be a game-changer for startups, enabling them to scale, attract investors, and thrive in the competitive landscape. This course is designed to be a catalyst for positive change in the startup ecosystem, empowering operators to make a tangible impact on the ventures they work with and to advance their career in Operations, a key function for any stage of startup.

 Venture Operations: The Backbone of the Fast-Growing Venture Space 

Venture Operations is the foundation that empowers entrepreneurs and their startups to become flexible, effective, and resilient. I bring years of experience in setting up operations, adapting and evolving procedures, and fostering growth at Sensibill and other organizations I have led.

Being an effective leader in Operations, especially in senior leadership roles like Director, VP, or C-Suite, requires understanding the complex pieces of an organization. It means being able to activate and leverage different functions across an organization (e.g., CS, Marketing, Engineering) and to have a sound operating strategy that not only mitigates risk as a startup scales but accounts for its growth as well.

As Program Director of Venture Operations, I am committed to delivering actionable insights and real-world case studies that resonate with the realities of the Canadian startup ecosystem. This program is designed to be interactive, engaging, and relevant, equipping participants with the tools they need to excel in venture operations and drive growth for startups.

My Invitation to You 

The Venture Operations Masterclass provides a thorough learning experience that addresses the fundamentals of Venture Operations. You will all acquire the skills necessary to spot and assess key business challenges and opportunities while cultivating effective internal and stakeholder communications to allow strong solutions to succeed.

Having valuable insights into risk management, data-driven decision-making, and the optimization of operational processes matters – especially in an ever-competitive landscape during this recession. With a focus on practical applications and real-world challenges, participants will develop a strong foundation in Venture Operations and acquire the skills to tackle complex operational issues in the startup environment.

If you’re a startup professional or founder looking to elevate your career and master Operations, one of the most important functions in a startup, this program is your gateway to success. Together with Schulich ExecEd and Schulich Startups, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of operational leaders who will drive innovation, growth, and success in the Canadian startup landscape. 

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