• “What I’m most proud of [from the Schulich Experience] was my business pitch that we presented at the end of the two weeks. Each student starts off with a business idea that you come up with on your own that reflects your own ideas and passions. Then you’re able to spend the two weeks developing that business idea as well as learning strategies and skills to help you with that process. The end-goal is to create a business pitch/presentation that’s then presented to your peers, mentors, and families. It’s incredibly rewarding to start with a vague outline of an idea and put so much work and thought into it that it becomes an actual feasible business model that was entirely of your own making. Of program your mentors are always available to help you, but the final pitch is done individually, which makes it all the more gratifying.”

    Chloe M - TMSCohort 1 Participant (TMS Gr. 11 Student)
  • “To see 14- and 15-year-olds up on a stage to be able to pitch a diverse array of ideas in front of a group that is just simply amazing. They will carry this for the rest of their lives.”

    Dr. Wendy Kumeta - TMS TMS Parent
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