Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

Inspire your team with exceptional coaching.

As a business leader, you have the incredible opportunity to transform your employees from ordinary contributors to an outstanding team. This 3-day mentorship training gives you the foundation to effectively coach and mentor team members in a way that fosters potential and creates opportunities for growth and excellence.

Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

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Fees: $3,250
Length: 3 days of study
Next Session: April 29, 2024 to
May 1, 2024
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Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

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Uncover Coaching
Methods That Drive Action

Being a mentor or coach is a privilege and responsibility. Whether on the field or from the sideline, you owe it to your team to know what drives them to succeed.

This renowned leadership program provides you with the skills to modify your coaching style to suit each and every employee. Learn leading-edge coaching and mentoring techniques that will empower your team and boost their performance. Conduct productive coaching sessions to improve your staff’s confidence and competence, including customized development plans that match various learning styles.

You’ll receive a pragmatic workbook with templated forms to help set up formal coaching and performance improvement programs for you and your team. Participants will also receive electronic copies of all the coaching and mentoring tools shared throughout the program.

This curriculum is specially designed for any mid-career leaders, including business managers, public sector leaders, human resources trainers, office supervisors, operation managers, quality and manufacturing managers, technical project leaders, employee development and team specialists, and sales and customer service managers.

Get Training in Marketable Skills

Communication Skills
Motivation Skills
Leadership Skills

4 Reasons to Enrol

Amazing Education for Busy Professionals

With just 3 days of study, you’ll be ready to take on mentees and champion their growth with new tools and techniques.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Get sought-after skills in coaching and mentoring, and become a compassionate leader who can inspire a high-performing team.

Learn from the Pros

Train with top-rated Schulich ExecEd instructors that are consistently ranked among the world’s best.

Earn Higher Pay

Schulich ExecEd students gain the confidence, skills and perspective to attain better roles, launch new ventures, and lead their teams to new heights.

Who Will Benefit

Mid-Career Leaders

Mid-career managers and supervisors will gain the interpersonal skills required to advance to senior leadership roles in industries including the public sector, human resources, operations, quality and manufacturing, technical project management, employee development, sales and customer service.

What Difference Will You Make?

The program has truly helped me to see things from another perspective - something I didn’t necessarily think about before this

- E. Vig Senior Account Manager, Free For All Marketing

I would recommend this program for anyone engaged in management activities involving people

- P. Shewrest Vice President, Modern Niagara Group

Program Overview

  • Find the right balance between individual and corporate expectations with the “two-bucket” approach to employee motivation. Learn and understand coaching as a core competency of leadership.

  • Explore the various styles of coaching and learn how to adjust your style to suit individual associates. Study the four effective strategies of giving advice and the art of giving positive, constructive feedback.

  • Define the purpose and payoff of mentoring and the difference between formal and informal mentoring. Know what to look for in ideal mentees and learn the best practices for setting up a mentorship program.

  • Build a concrete plan for you and your mentee that sets everyone up for success. Practice setting stretch goals and increase accountability with new performance metrics.

  • Learn how to manage a diverse team, in person or remotely.  Keeping your fingers on the pulse of the team and knowing when and how to intervene when morale and performance declines.  Understand the elements of effective teams and how to supercharge each to maximize performance.

  • Spring 2024 Dates Time
    Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring 4/29/2024 - 5/1/2024 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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BA, MBL, P. Admin

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What You Get

After completing a Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, you'll receive an authentic digital badge from the #1 business school in Canada that employers will recognize.

As more and more companies look for candidates with specific skills, this badge on your CV will be a credible assurance of your achievements and expertise, allowing the right roles to find you faster.


Provided upon completing a longer program that may comprise several badges signifying a more extensive skill set.

Pre-Approved HRPA Hours

14 HRPA-CPD Hours

This program has been approved for CDP hours under Section A of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log of the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA). Be sure to note the program ID number on your CPD log. For more information about certification or continuing professional development, visit the HRPA website at www.hrpa.ca/hrdesignations_/Pages/Continuing-Professional-Development.aspx

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