New World. New Normal. New Leadership Skills.

In this complex and challenging time, your leaders need to use new leadership skills and behaviours to ensure the continuity and success of your business.

The Schulich ExecEd conducted a research study to identify which skills and behaviours are the most critical and transformational in a time of crisis.

Based on this research, Schulich ExecEd has launched several business continuity services and learning activities designed to give your people the skills they need right now to future-proof your organization and to lead effectively in a time of crisis and rapid transformation. Schulich ExecEd’s business continuity model is designed to promote both a shared organizational development journey along with a highly personalized menu of learning options. These include the following:

Weekly Virtual Fireside Chats: Leadership Lessons in Troubled Times

Virtual Fireside chats online with thought leaders from Schulich ExecEd faculty and senior business leaders.

Business Continuity Initiatives – Virtual Action Learning Team Projects

Under the guidance of a senior Schulich ExecEd business leader/coach, your leaders work virtually in cross functional and cross silo teams on developing solutions to current business challenges.

Leadership in Troubled Times: Virtual Classroom Sessions

Schulich ExecEd has developed several online offerings that give your people the skills they need right now to lead during a crisis:

  1. Leading in Crisis
  2. Agile Talent Management in a Time of Crisis
  3. Managing Remote Teams
  4. Design Thinking
  5. Employee Engagement in a Virtual World
  6. Transforming Your Culture in Troubled Times
  7. Managing Your Virtual Sales Team to Boost Performance

Schulich ExecEd Business Continuity Series: Virtual Programs

Schulich ExecEd has several short business operations programs that give your people the skills to maintain business continuity during a crisis.

  1. Business Delivery Online
  2. Customer Experience in virtual world
  3. Supply Chain in Disruption
  4. Six Sigma
  5. Risk Management

Schulich ExecEd Leadership Series: Virtual Classroom Sessions

Comprised of 10 impactful topics organized around 10 transformational leadership behaviours, this series is designed to give your leaders the skills they need to lead your business today and into the future.

  1. Leading Digital Transformation
  2. Career Empowerment for Early In Career Employees and Emerging Leaders
  3. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  4. Data Savvy: Making Data Work For You
  5. Talent Champions
  6. Innovation Catalyst
  7. Strategic Foresight
  8. Relationship Intelligence
  9. Change Agility: The Adaptive Leader
  10. The Resilient Leader

Personal Learning Path Components

Schulich ExecEd can design a personalized leadership development path for each leader in your organization.

  1. Growth Leadership Indicator: Organizational Resilience and Change Readiness Assessment
  2. Technology Assisted Coaching – Habit Builder App
  3. Leadership Lessons Videos
  4. Virtual Peer Leadership Circles
  5. Additional virtual classroom training modules based on individual need

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