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Emerging Technologies 
& Innovations

The digital revolution is transforming public transit and creating the complex challenge of integrating Mobility as a Service (MaaS) innovations into established systems.

Population Growth 
& Urbanization

Soaring population growth and the rise of urban sprawl are extending commute times. Organizations need to cater to the shifting complex transit needs of urban and suburban populations.

Demand Shift

As younger generations redefine their relationship with vehicle ownership, organizations face the pressure of recalibrating their operations to align with these changing demands and purchasing preferences.


The emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) introduces a new era in transportation—posing as both a threat and an opportunity to traditional dealership and service models. Organizations need to strategically adapt to this rapidly evolving trend.


Keep up with a changing world by navigating the megatrends currently affecting all sectors, including digitization, talent shortages, sustainability challenges, and more.

With the rise of online purchasing, OEM suppliers may need to pivot away from the dealership model and embrace a direct sales approach already in use by EV giants.

Instead of waiting for traditional OEM to evolve, organizations can embrace emerging technologies by partnering with innovative startups in mobility and transportation. This creates new opportunities within the supply chain, especially in last-mile logistics.

Organizations in the private and public sectors can maintain a connected network to share their data and optimize industry practices. Additional cost savings and logistics efficiencies can be further achieved by implementing IoT and cloud-based AI technologies.

To reduce suburban sprawl, city planners will look to improve the public transit system, including expanding its coverage along key roads, partnering with long-distance rail lines, and rerouting public transit according to the public’s needs.

Public transportation leaders will continue to include emerging MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) platforms, EV technologies, and autonomous vehicles as part of their planning. This would also include continued subsidies on EV purchases to reduce our reliance on oil and gas.

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