Curriculum Structure

All our programs combine a variety of learning modalities to ensure optimal program effectiveness, relevance and learning retention. Starting with classroom instruction as the foundation, elements of applied learning, e-learning, along with informal and social learning are incorporated.

Classroom Instruction

Many executive educational programs are taught in the ‘classic’ classroom instruction setting. However, adult learning principles suggest that adults learn most effectively through application rather than by lecture.

We are not wedded to one methodology, e.g. “case work”

We use a wide variety of mini-cases, break-out sessions, simulations, role playing and other interactive events to reinforce the concepts being taught.

Practical Application

A key component of Schulich ExecEd’s development programs is the practical application of acquired knowledge to further develop business and strategic thinking skills. Relevant examples and case studies are incorporated in the classroom instruction.

Designing Programs for Organizations

To deliver a program shaped to the unique needs of your business, Schulich ExecEd has a design capability to create a program customized to your needs. We employ a collaborative and consultative approach to program design and development to ensure the effort and investment made is truly effective for your business

Our approach has four main pillars:

1. Needs Analysis

Schulich ExecEd conducts a thorough stakeholder analysis process to identify and clarify your development needs. Senior Schulich ExecEd learning consultants interview stakeholders within your organization to determine the most relevant program needs. Where you have a well-thought out requirement analysis already in place, we shorten this step but still invest time to learn about your business, culture and context driving the training need so we can build the right program.

2. Design and Development

We use a disciplined eight-step collaborative program design and development process from needs analysis through to program delivery and sustainment.

3. Program Delivery

In addition to our design team, we have a team that deals with the logistical details of each program, including booking facilities, catering, and instructors; registering all participants and distributing introductory packages; printing and setting up program materials; coordinating and communicating details of pre-work assessments; and summarizing evaluations.

4. Program Evaluation and Sustainment

Evaluations results are measured against baseline metrics and expected improvements, their impacts, both intended and unintended, and their continued relevance to the needs of program participants.

Schulich ExecEd utilizes practical applications to promote learning transfer and sustainment including self-awareness assessments, work place related exercises and case studies, Action Learning Program projects (real world assignments performed in teams), Personal Development Action Plans, online resources, and social forum. Follow on sessions months after the formal program has finished are designed to sustain the learning.

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An extensive suite of Talent Management Services

With so many of our custom designed programs in the area of Leadership Development at various management levels, we have constantly been asked the question, “How does your program support the growth of the talent capability in our company?”. The answer we give is that learning and development programs are just one component of a plan to create a set of leaders in a company fully capable of driving results and success.

So we developed a set of services that help organizations build performance plans, succession plans, cascade leadership behaviours from one level to the next, re-think their skills and critical competency needs as their business needs change, and so on.

We call this the Global Talent Centre.

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