Welcome to Schulich ExecEd, the Professional Development unit of the Schulich School of Business.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website. At Schulich ExecEd, we understand that this is an important time in your career. Our world is transforming quickly and you need to develop the most in-demand skills to keep ahead of the pace. Whether this is your first time considering professional development or if you have developed into a lifelong learner, we provide personalized programs that will enable you to realize your full potential, grow your professional network and elevate you to the next level in your professional career.

Known for our diversity in thought, faculty and programs, we have played host to leading organizations and participants from a wide gamut of business sectors including government, NGO and private-sector encompassing a range of fields such as mining and professional sports to even start-up businesses. This allows us to foster an environment where differing viewpoints and experiences in the classroom further enrich your learning experience. We pride ourselves on high interactivity, connecting professionals and critical thinking that allows for participants from differing organizations to approach and solve their challenges in unique and interesting ways.

During these unprecedented times, many people are facing new and complicated challenges that require innovative solutions. In order to prepare you, we have adapted swiftly to a post COVID-19 world by pivoting our traditional in-person learning to virtual and online classes. As such, we  have worked diligently and tirelessly throughout this past year to create and disseminate amazing programs all accessible remotely and virtually.

We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments and feedback we have received thus far from leading organizations and participants around the world. By leveraging our vast expertise and anchoring that to online learning , we are providing the future of executive education and professional development, today.

Our commitment to your career and professional development starts with a conversation. If you need any help in deciding which program will propel you forward in these uncertain times, we ask that you contact our learning advisers to help you make the right decision.

Thank you once again for visiting Schulich ExecEd and for taking the next steps in propelling your career. My best wishes to you as you embark on this journey.


Rami Mayer, International MBA
Executive Director,
Schulich ExecEd,
Schulich School of Business at York University