Alumni network hears why Mentorship Matters

Posted on June 25, 2015
Alumni network hears why Mentorship Matters

Adrian Jess, Schulich ExecEd Alumni Council Chair, listens to keynote talk by Alan Middleton at the Executive Learning Centre June 24.

Mentorship is coming into focus as an important aspect of leadership and management development. I think of it as the third leg on the three-legged stool of management development along with experience and formal management education.” – Alan Middleton

Alumni from the Schulich ExecEd (Schulich ExecEd) gathered for the first time Wednesday at a breakfast event to hear from Executive Director Alan Middleton (right) about the benefits of mentoring and being mentored. Held at Schulich’s Executive Learning Centre, the morning was the opening meeting of the new Schulich ExecEd Alumni Network.

Alan Middleton speaking at Schulich ExecEd’s Alumni Breakfast

Middleton spoke about the history of mentoring, reaching back, briefly, to the days of Plato and how the concept is taking hold in business again now. Among the key points members took away with them from the meeting was that mentors often benefit as much or more than mentees because of the changes mentoring brings about in a mentor’s thought processes and understanding of their role. Several alumni said the discussion about the difference between mentoring and coaching was particularly relevant for them.

The Schulich ExecEd Alumni Network is a new program for anyone who has been a participant in a Schulich ExecEd program. Membership is automatic and, starting in September, they will receive a membership card, entitling them to a range of discounts and special offers on products and services by Schulich ExecEd partners. Membership also includes a discount on program tuition for any additional programs members take in the future.

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