CIPH members graduate from Schulich ExecEd-designed Leadership Edge Program

Posted on November 28, 2018
CIPH members graduate from Schulich ExecEd-designed Leadership Edge Program

The latest cohort of participants from the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) graduated from the Leadership Edge program on Nov. 15. The four-day program, developed for the Institute by the Schulich Executive Education Centre, was held at the Executive Learning Centre on the Keele campus of York University.

“Based on feedback from members, CIPH is delighted to partner with the Schulich ExecEd to provide the powerful Leadership Edge program,” said President Ralph Suppa. “The program curriculum helps participants develop competency in the areas of business analytics, leadership, strategic thinking and succession planning in the plumbing and heating industry during a time of increased competition and transformational change.

“The Leadership Edge program provides managers at all levels with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed based on industry specific case studies,” Suppa said. “Participants are learning new skills and techniques needed to create value for their customers and bring out the best in the people who work with and for you.”

“We’ve been really impressed with the help from the organization in understanding the needs but even more importantly, impressed with the people who’ve gone through the program,” Alan Middleton, executive director of Schulich ExecEd. “The participants are really leading edge and looking at doing some of the best work in the whole industry,” he said.

“This is a disruptive world,” Middleton added. “There is constant change going on, so we need to keep everybody’s skills up-to-date.”

“Congratulations to the more than 30 students who have graduated from the program and thank you for the positive feedback and ratings that you have provided to validate that we are delivering a first-class program for the members of CIPH,” Suppa said.

The next CIPH session takes place in January at the Executive Learning Centre. Members who would like to join the 2019 program can visit the CIPH website for more information and to enrol.

CIPH Leadership Edge Program
Day 1 – Strategic Thinking, Tues. Jan 22, 2019

This session focuses on applying today’s most advanced strategic planning methodologies to execute new business initiatives. Participants will examine the relationship between their job, the value they create and the strategic goals of their organization, while identifying critical success factors and barriers to achieving business targets.

Day 2 – Business Analytics, Wed. Jan 23, 2019

How are today’s most forward-thinking organizations using business analytics and data science to make more informed business decisions? This module will allow participants to begin evaluating how their organization can grow through more effective use of data analytics. Participants will discover patterns, correlations, trends, preferences, interactions and other useful details to support knowledgeable decisions and learn how to effectively communicate data findings.

Day 3 – Succession Planning, Tues, Mar 5, 2019
What is it and why is it important? This session will answer the questions and help you develop a succession strategy. Learn how to identify and develop high potential employees and discover the best ways to retain them. Link succession to overall business strategy.

Day 4 – Leveraging Your Leadership, Wed. Mar 6, 2019
This top-rated session is designed to help managers achieve peak performance in their role as leader, communicator and change agent. Topics covered will include key leadership competencies, leadership styles and when to use each. Also included are tips on building interpersonal relationships and propelling your individual team members to their highest level of performance.