Here’s Your Path to a Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt

Posted on July 07, 2020
Here’s Your Path to a Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt

With the redesign of Schulich ExecEd’s popular Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt, the program offers even more convenient registration options and a highly-flexible schedule.

As a series of “stackable” certificates it can be completed all at once or in stages – upgrading as your schedule permits. The learning path consists of the different “belt” designations along the route to achieving the knowledge and insights required for Black Belt certification. Fine-tuned to provide the specific tools and skills for career advancement, the program mixes theory and practice designed to help organizations reach world-class operational standards.

Stackable Certificates

The Lean Six Sigma White Belt introductory program, offered in a self-paced online format, outlines the principles of the “Lean” and Six Sigma concepts. Recognizing incidents of organizational waste and seeing opportunities for improvement is the first step to more efficient operations and optimizing customer experience.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt level (an additional two classroom days), goes deeper into these fundamentals, such as engaging in process analysis and working on project teams.

Going further, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (an additional five classroom days), is an intermediate level with a focus on how to lead one’s own improvement projects, and chart a program for a business to reach operational excellence.

Finally, the Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt (eight more classroom days) encompasses the leader’s role within a continuous quality improvement operation, as well as the ability to identify errors and redundancies and customer “pain points.” Proficiency in Lean Six Sigma means more than just being a technical expert – it also involves the ability to coach others and act as a “change agent” instrumental to organizational transformation. Graduates of the program know that organizations need to embrace a “continuous improvement” mindset, and they help lead them to better, faster and economical methods and approaches.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt series of “stackable” certificates is available via the virtual classroom. Livestreamed lectures are just a part of the curriculum, as instructors will engage students with quizzes, exercises, group breakouts, in-depth discussions and project simulations. The instructors boast decades of experience in the field and share practical, real world insights. Schulich ExecEd’s move to online instruction has been highly positive and demonstrated that applied, active learning principles make the experience as effective as the in-person classroom.

The belt designations of Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt Learning Path are internationally recognized and impart skills that are in high demand across all business sectors and industries. Top managers and executives worldwide use the principles of Lean Six Sigma to improve operating performance and profits. Through an integrated program of training, tools, methodology and technology, participants in Schulich ExecEd’s program will learn how to customize and deploy an operational improvement strategy that delivers the outstanding results expected by customers and stakeholders.

For more information, visit the program website or speak to an advisor.