How a Project Manager Can Stand Out in the Crowd

Posted on November 26, 2018
How a Project Manager Can Stand Out in the Crowd

Project management has become an increasingly competitive field. For those who have chosen it as a career, the pressure is on for them to expand their skills and qualifications. More and more, project management is something that is a part of every manager’s job. Employers don’t want someone who will just complete tasks and tick boxes. They seek those who are well-rounded in their knowledge and ability and have an appreciation for all areas of business.

The best message for today’s project manager is that your education is never over. Extra schooling and formal credentials are the best way to distinguish yourself among competitors, and this includes certification programs. A certificate can be that added value employers are looking for.

For example, PMP® designation is essential for today’s competitive project manager, or any manager. Recognized worldwide in both public and private sectors, this non-degree certificate program is designed to build excellent managers who are able to contribute to projects at all levels within their organizations.

If you do not have enough work experience yet to write the PMP® exam, you can always download the certification handbook and start the journey. To prepare further, seek out experience and knowledge in areas both within and beyond your subject matter expertise.

No wonder so many are drawn to careers in project management! Success in the field cultivates the foundation skills and knowledge needed in our future leaders, and many see other career paths open up for them down the road. For those who stand out, it is a profession that grants opportunity to expand potential and move ahead.


This article is written by the program director for Schulich ExecEd’s upcoming program Masters Certificate in Project Management (starting Feb. 13, 2019). The program is designed for project managers to consolidate and certify their skills and add value to their projects.