How Blended Learning is Enhancing the Executive Education Experience

Posted on May 21, 2019
How Blended Learning is Enhancing the Executive Education Experience

Blended learning is currently transforming the delivery of executive programs through the innovative use of technology.

Online learning was once promoted as a more accessible yet lesser version of its in-person counterpart. Since then, educators have realized that digital offerings can bring unique value to education. More than just a measure of convenience or a supplement to the “real” course, it is an innovation that can renew engagement and motivation for the educational experience in today’s technology-driven society.

Blended learning is the merging of face-to-face teaching and e-learning in a way that maximizes the strengths of both formats. In an executive program, the online portion can be bookended or interspersed with in-person modules where students and instructors meet and collaborate. It allows the program to be spread out over a longer time frame, allowing for more in-depth personal reflection and analysis. Participants do independent work as well as participate in live chats and webinars, give and receive feedback, exchange ideas and share experiences directly related to their daily work. It is the perfect combination of self-guided learning and group participation.

Blended learning is ideal for students of executive education who require the condensed, high-impact format of short programs and value the in-class component as a chance to be immersed in a distraction-free learning environment. Also, career professionals appreciate the networking aspect of meeting peers from different industries and backgrounds.

What is the future of blended learning? It is already happening, with distinctions between on-line and in-person education become less delineated. The more important distinction is whether a learning activity is independently pursued (archived webinars and reading material, self-quizzes) or collaborative (livestreamed lectures, live chats, group study sessions) and which format is more appropriate for the activity.

It has been observed that students in blended-learning programs are increasingly more motivated, independent and engaged in their educational experience. The innovation is a pedagogical transformation that is continually evolving, being fine-tuned and customized. Blended learning delivers a holistic and enriching learning journey that drives results for executive education students.

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